We’re In The New House!

Happy Memorial Day, Friends! It’s been a crazy few weeks kicking off the busy season at work, training interns, and moving! We’re pretty settled now, so I’m finally able to sit down and plug away at my “To-Do” list! On the top of my list is writing a post about our new house!

We’ve been here for just about 2 weeks. Packing and moving was madness, and I was even organized! There’s just no way to avoid stress when you move with two kids! My mom watched the kids a bunch during the packing and moving process, which saved us. After we moved into the new house, she came over and watched them for 2 days straight and Stew and I worked for 10 hours straight each day to get unpacked! It was exhausting, but felt so good to be able to sit down and relax after getting unpacked!

My favorite things about this house are the porches and the master bathroom. When I took my first bath here, it seriously felt like I was in a spa. I didn’t want to get out! Here are a few house shots….

Yesterday we had our first barbecue! The whole family came over to celebrate Memorial Day. It felt good to host again. That’s one of my favorite things to do, and we were living out of boxes for a while so it feels like it’s been forever! We attempted to get a picture of the kids in their festive garb….we managed to get one shot out of about 20

I look forward to sharing lots of memories in our new house! But for now, I hope you have a wonderful Memorial Day!



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