Welcome Gracie Jane Watson!

I posted my 39 weeks blog post two days ago, which was actually 2 days early. I ended up going into labor that night! We went to bed as usual. I woke up around 10:30pm because I was super hot and wanted to turn on the ceiling fan. And, boom, my water broke!

That’s the same way it happened with Turner. But this time around, I was Strep-B positive (a bacteria that lives in the body that can be passed to baby) so I was told I would have to come in to get an antibiotic if my water broke first. Sure enough, I called the birth center and they said to come on in. I called my mom to come stay at our house with Turner and we hit the road!

Once we got there, they hooked me up to a monitor to listen to Gracie moving around and see how often my contractions were coming. They were about 10 minutes apart already. So they gave me a dose of antibiotics and told us we could get some sleep for a few hours.

Stew slept for a few hours while I just rested. I probably fell asleep for about an hour. Since I was laying down, my contractions started to slow down. So I got up around 3:30am to walk around and try to bring them on.

Stew woke up around 4:30am and helped me move around so we could pick up the pace. I walked around, rocked on the birthing ball, and took a shower (all the while listening to my hypnobabies tracks).

By around 7am my contractions were between 3 and 5 minutes apart but not coming at a consistent pace. Again, since I was StrepB Positive, I had to have her within 12 hours since my water broke first. So it was game on. My midwife, Erin, gave me some crazy herbal concoction that I had to drink every 15 minutes for an hour. Once I choked those down, my contractions were coming much more quickly!

By 9am they were pretty close and strong. So I got in the birth tub and it was time to push! There was a little hiccup at that point. The urge to push disappeared and my contractions started slowing down! My midwife made some adjustments in my positioning and I was ready to push again.

A few minutes later and Gracie was out! She was completely wrapped in her umbilical cord. She cried immediately and then stopped crying. I was so nervous! Erin quickly unwrapped her and she was good to go! Scariest minutes of our lives!

Gracie Jane Watson was born at 10:04am on September 24th. She weighs 7lbs 2 oz and is 20 inches long. She’s the most perfect little bundle. All of our prayers have been answered with her! Wish us luck in our transition to a family of four! I can’t wait to share updates!

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