Weekend Projects

There’s something about daylight-saving time that makes me want to pop on my boots and get out in the garden! Judging by the lines at Lowe’s, I wasn’t alone! This winter has been COLD. I’ve been looking at our dead grass and plants for the past few months, waiting for the weather to warm up, so I could add some GREEN back into my life!!

We started several projects this past weekend! I cleaned out the front garden beds and pruned my rosebushes to get them ready for mulch! We raked the backyard and put grass seed down in our dirt patches in hopes that we will have a bright green blanket of grass (fingers crossed). I planted lots of veggies in my raised vegetable gardens that Stew built last summer– bibb lettuce, arugula, spinach, squash, red peppers, tomatoes, and tons of herbs!

We picked up our hanging ferns for the porch and planted my window boxes.

We planted some plants around the trees in the center of the yard (I have big visions for this area). It’s definitely a work in progress! This is the before picture:

And here is the BEGINNING of my project. I’m only showing you this because I trust that you have my vision too….think “cozy shade garden” with fluffy green foliage and mason jar lights hanging from the trees…

And I put together some containers for the front porch and back deck! The first one has a fern and hydrangeas. It will be beautiful once it fills out (another one I’m trusting you to have my vision)!

Turner was a HUGE help! He mowed the ENTIRE lawn (don’t mind the outfit…I changed his diaper and was too lazy to go into the attic and bust out the summer gear. We made due with the diaper and sweet kicks).

What a productive weekend! All we have left to do is mulch! I will update you with more pictures once things start to fill out! But, for now, happy almost SPRING!

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