Weekend of Partying

We LOVE the weekends. I work at home, so I get to spend A LOT of time with Turner. But, there’s just nothing like family time! Stew works long hours during the week, so we really look forward to weekends. Last Wednesday he didn’t get home until about 8pm, so he didn’t get the see Turner at all! This week he has a few night shifts thrown in there. So, now you see why we cherish our weekends!

This weekend was nothing short of amazing, as usual. We squeezed in all of our favorite things…working on the house, of course, going to the Farmer’s Market downtown, and seeing our friends at Turner’s friends’ birthday parties (yes two parties in one weekend)! Turner’s a pretty popular kid. Everyone wants him drooling on their cake! I took some pictures to capture the fun!

Saturday morning, after Turner’s first nap, we headed to the market. It was the perfect morning to walk around Charleston. It wasn’t too hot, and the sun was in and out…no sunburn for Baby!
We got our favorite Kettle Korn from the popcorn man and had some fresh smoothies for lunch!IMG_1267IMG_1275
We hung out in the park while we drank our smoothies.usIMG_1276
We left around 2. I fed Turner in the car, then we headed to party number 1! Turner’s friend, Wyatt, just turned 1. Turner pretty much spent his time swinging in the cool truck swing (note to self, we need one), and laying on his tummy in the backyard playing with the grass and dirt (he already loves getting dirty…good luck Momma).IMG_1278
We actually remembered to have someone take our picture! We have thousands of pictures of Turner, and probably three of all of us! Thanks John :o) P.S. Turner had pants on earlier in the day, but he got too hot, so we had to take them off!
Saturday night, we got home, I fed Turner, and Daddy picked up some pizza and Stromboli. We chowed down and Turner had bath time. Then, Daddy and I kicked our feet up and caught up on The Voice!

Sunday, we worked on the house in the morning. Stew’s been putting up window trim and chair rail in the parlor (pictures to come). During Turner’s morning nap, we primed and painted it. We still have a few finishing touches, but it looks incredible! It’s amazing how some trim can totally transform a room.

After that, we cleaned up and played with Turner. He’s been experimenting with his voice. He’s started this new squealing that is just adorable!

Turner Squealing from Emily on Vimeo.

That afternoon, we hit the road for party number 2. Turner’s friend, Olivia, was turning 1 as well! Maribeth and Ben (Olivia’s parents) had a BBQ at Riverfront Park. Turner hung out in his stroller while we caught up with friends :o)IMG_0949

Overall, it was a wonderful weekend! We have so much fun with this little baby! Every moment is special. I know it sounds cheeze, but it’s true!

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