Weekend of Christmas

There’s something unnatural about celebrating Christmas when it’s 80 degrees out, but we are trying our darndest! We only have one more weekend before the Big Day, so we need to fit in some festivities! Cue some Nat King Cole and pour the Egg Nog!

At any rate, we lined up a few fun things to do this weekend. We really thought long and hard about the whole “Santa” thing when Turner was born. Did we want to teach him about Santa? Will he feel betrayed when he discovers we’d been lying to him all these years? How about the real meaning of Christmas? Do we teach him about the birth of Jesus and avoid the commercial side of the holiday? I know, lots of thoughts. Ultimately, we decided to find a balance. We would talk about Santa but not make it all about gifts. After all, there is something so magical when children believe in Santa. Besides, we need to leave cookies and carrots out on Christmas Eve for Santa and his reindeer!

On Saturday morning, we woke up, stayed in our PJs, watched The Polar Express and ate pancakes. I mean, does it get any better than that (can we pause to notice how old Turner looks?! What happened to my little baby!)??

Gracie woke up around 10 for her feeding. So after we finished up, we walked down the street to our neighborhood clubhouse where they had “Santa’s Workshop” set up.

It was actually really cute. They had an extremely fake Santa sitting in front of the tree and little craft stations where kids could create ornaments. This was the first time Turner sat on Santa’s lap so he didn’t really get it. When Santa asked him what he wanted for Christmas, he started telling him all about seeing Gigi this weekend. I’m sure that’s not what Santa was goin’ for. And once he realized there was chocolate in that goody bag, forget it! Gracie wasn’t impressed either. Sorry, Santa! Maybe next year.

On Sunday, we had our Christmas concert at church which really got me in the Christmas spirit! My mom and stepdad came with us. Turner did pretty good. It was a 2 hour concert and he lasted until the last song when he and Paw Paw had to go run a few laps in the hallway. But the music was absolutely amazing. Our choir, orchestra, and worship band were joined by one of the local gospel choirs, The Lowcountry Voices. Talk about feeling the Holy Spirit! There wasn’t a dry eye in the room! Every single person was on their feet, clapping! What an amazing celebration of Christmas!

Luckily, we have a few more days to fit in some holiday cheer! This is definitely the most magical time of year. I hope Turner and Gracie feel it too! Merry (almost) Christmas!

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