Turner’s First Day of School!

I enrolled Turner in school this year. He is going to the preschool at our church, which is quite convenient. He’s only going two days a week, which is just enough! He actually is in the “twos” class because his birthday is in November. That makes him the oldest (and biggest) kid in his class. But that’s ok with me!

Last week was “Meet the Teacher”. Stew and I both got to go, which was so nice.

We got there, and his teacher, Ms. Angela, had a craft set up for the kids to do for the first few minutes. It involved painting, which he’s never done because, while we definitely have fun together, I’m not adventurous enough for that.

Then the kids went outside with the other teacher, Ms. Teresa, while we all got to sit and hear about their year ahead.

It was so cute! We got a schedule that outlined their days. It’s pretty much 20 minute increments of craft/learning/outside/snack repeat.

This morning was the big day! I had his lunch mostly packed last night (all except his PB&J) and a vat of overnight oats in the fridge, so everything was ready for our big morning! We had been talking “school” up all weekend to help soften the blow. I didn’t know how he’d take it, but he was surprisingly really excited to go to school this morning! Of course, it helped that he’s in the same room as his Sunday school class.

We walked in and were ready for him to break out into sobs, but he just ran into the room and started playing with the trucks! Part of me was like, seriously? I birthed you and that’s all I get?! And the other part was relieved because I would have been worrying all morning that he was a hysterical mess. But, alas, we picked him up and he was all smiles. His teacher said he did great. So, I guess that’s it. The beginning of the rest of our lives with a school kid! It’s amazing how time flies!

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