Trick or Treat!

It was Turner’s first Halloween! You may have guessed from my previous post, but he was Clark Kent (thanks for the idea Allison)!

It was bloody hot out, so I couldn’t put his costume on until the afternoon. We got dressed around 4 so I could get some good pictures before the sun started going down! He looked ADORABLE, but wouldn’t keep his glasses on worth a darn. That didn’t stop me from trying with all of my might (hence the blurry pictures)!

Then, we loaded him up in the stroller for our big outing! My mom and stepdad came over to “trick or treat”. By trick-or-treat I mean stopping at our neighbor’s house and then walking around the block. But it was still fun! Turner was captivated by the kids running around screaming! It was awesome seeing all of the decorations and kids dressed up! We never are out while kids are trick-or-treating. We usually stay home the whole time to give out candy!

Once we got home and put Turner to bed, Luke and Suzy (Stew’s brother and his wife) came over to join the festivities. It’s a tradition in our house to make dinner and drink wine on the porch with friends while we give out candy. It sure makes trick-or-treating fun! Each year it’s a different crew on the porch, but it’s just as fun!

This was the best Halloween yet! Turner made it extra special. Maybe next year Stew and I will have time to plan a costume!! One holiday down. Now onto birthday party planning!!

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