Threenager…. It Does Exist!

I’ve thought long and hard about how to write this blog post so it doesn’t come across as complaining. But the struggle is real, Friends. Turner didn’t have the “terrible twos” but we are definitely entering the threenager stage.

For those of you who know Turner, you may be thinking that it’s not possible! He’s such a sweet kid! And that’s all true. And I’m sure it could be worse. But some days it’s as if an alien takes over my sweet child. “Turner clean up your toys” “I don’t clean up toys”. “Turner go pee pee” “I don’t go pee pee” “Turner if you stand up on the couch one more time you will go to time out”. Aaaaaand he stands up on the couch 3 seconds later. “Turner do you want oatmeal for breakfast?” “YEA”. Oatmeal served. “Nooooo I want a waffle!!!” So on top of creating, bearing and nurturing a child, a prerequisite for becoming a mom is MIND READER. Sorry, no one told me that one. Exhausting.

Nights are the best. That nasty alien that held Turner captive all day returns my baby right at bedtime. We snuggle, pray, sing songs, and talk about what a great day we’ll have tomorrow and that Turner’s going to listen to Mommy and Daddy. “Yes, Mama”. Within 5 minutes of him waking up, the alien is back.

And then we have a moment where Turner picks up my bible and starts reading aloud while I fix his lunch, “His name is Duncan. His name is Keaton. His name is Baby Jesus. I think there’s no pictures in dis book. I think we’re done here. I play with McQueen”. And I smile to myself because he really is so stinkin’ cute!

My mom always said, “Just wait till you’re a parent. You’ll understand”. And if he’s anything like me, I should quit while I’m ahead. I get it’s a part of their development bla bla bla, but some days I really want to give up.

I look at Gracie, who is so innocent. Surely she will be the exception, right?! HA! She stares at me as if to say, “Silly Mommy. Just wait…”

I write this not to complain, but to assure myself that there are other moms that feel this way!! I loooove being a mom. I love my babies. But, man, sometimes I feel defeated! Am I alone in this?! What tips/tricks have worked on your kiddos?!

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