This Week’s Menu

As you know, Stew was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma last week. So our menu is even MORE important! We are completely taking sugar and anything processed out of our diets. We’ve always been really healthy, but we would cheat from time to time. I am planning meals packed with veggies and vegetable protein. We need to make sure he is getting a lot of protein and calories from healthy fats. So we need a plan! I figured I would share, because it’s always good to think about your diet, cancer or no cancer!

**some notes- Any recipe that has sugar, I will use a substitute like 100% natural maple syrup, honey, or agave. Also, anything that has “flour” I will replace with almond meal when applicable! Finally, I have a list of options in each category that we will mix and match, or even repeat (like breakfast or smoothies).

Breakfast Choices:
Potato Free Hash Browns
Breakfast Porridge (almond milk to replace milk)
Bananas Foster Slow Cooker Oatmeal (omitting brown sugar and adding maple syrup to taste)
Puffed Millet Cereal This is a quick, on the go, option. It’s also on the alkaline side instead of acidic.

Collard Green and Sweet Corn Cakes (replace flour with almond meal and omit sour cream)
Garden Skillet (omit meatballs)
Quinoa Salad with Heirloom Tomatoes
Apple and Leek Soup
Sweet Corn & Barley Risotto (omit wine)
Sprouted Tortillas with avocado, hummus, & veggies
Green Smoothie

Banana Oat Bars
Carrot Almond Butter Bites
Veggies & Hummus

And as always, some love from Team Watson!

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  1. You guys are unbelievable. That diet doesn’t sound bad at all. In fact of it sounds yummy. Our love & prayers will be with you this week , we know The Lord will be with you each step you take. He will never leave you. You guys are such an inspiration to us. Blessings to you ad our precious Turner. The photos are great. Stew looks so happy with his son. Love you.

  2. Thank you for linking to my recipe. Thinking and praying for your sweet family. Our family friend just beat hodgkins lymphoma after being told there was no hope. You just never know what the future holds, and while it can definitely be a hard and surprising journey I know one way or another you all will be survivors.

    1. Carrian, thanks for sharing! We are very optimistic. I love hearing survivor stories. It helps us realize we’re not THE ONLY ones. We can’t wait to try your skillet. We appreciate your thoughts and prayers! We’ll take all the prayers we can get!

  3. Thanks for linking my recipe — I’d love to hear how it turns out with maple syrup so I can give other readers a good natural sweetener option. My thoughts are with you and your family. I love your positive outlook on everything and pushing forward with tasty, clean recipes.

    1. Kelly, we had it this morning! DELICIOUS with maple syrup! We used about 1/4 cup of syrup. Thank you so much for your kind words! We WILL beat this thing…there’s no other option :o)

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