Things I Love!

Now that I’m a mom of two, I’m looking for little things to make my days run smoother. Getting hit with a sinus infection over the weekend is what prompted this post!

1. After hours clinic– because when a sinus infection hits on Saturday afternoon there’s nothing worse than having to suffer all weekend while taking care of children! Not to mention, I was able to check in online and they texted me when they had a room ready! I was in and out within an hour. Amazing!

2. Drive through at CVS pharmacy– dragging a toddler and giant car seat into the store to get a prescription is overrated. Thank God for the drive through!

3. Big Brothers– Gracie’s not a fussy baby. But we usually are getting dinner ready and eating right around her 6:00 feeding time. So if she wakes up, she wants to eat! So last night we were rushing home, unloading groceries and throwing together some chicken and rice soup when Gracie’s feeding time hit. Turner went over to her, put her paci in and started rocking her seat. BOOM! Back to sleep. You’re hired Turner!

4. Turner’s new bathrobe. Enough said!

5. Eight week smiles- No matter how crappy you feel, this warms you heart and soul!

Happy beginning of cold and flu season! Wash those hands :o)

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