The Past Few Days

We have had a rough few weeks. I didn’t know if I would survive the stress and tears (me and Turner both). I always tell myself that these trials are temporary, but sometimes it’s hard to believe that!
This is a much better week! It’s been filled with giggles, naps (thank God!) and nebulizer treatments.

It’s so nice to see Turner laughing and happy again! He’s been playing on his own, and I’ve even been able to drop him off at the gym nursery to get my workouts in! Last week was a mess. He still wasn’t feeling well, so they actually had to come GET me from my class because he was so hysterical! What a nightmare.

I didn’t think our nights would ever get back to normal either. We always do bath time, bottle, book, and bed. But Turner was so miserable that he didn’t want a bath! And he was still not ready for milk (doc told us to hold off until he was done puking his brains out) so no bottle! And he sure as heck didn’t want to sit on our laps and read a story. So it was such a relief when he was asking for his bath! We actually used the whole puking thing as a perfect segue into no bottle before bed! So, now, we just do bath, a little story, rock for a few minutes, and bed! He doesn’t seem to miss his bedtime bottle one bit!

The weather has been chilly, but that hasn’t held us back. As soon as Turner was feeling better, we started our daily walks again. We bundle up and hit the road!

We haven’t even had that cold of a winter, but I’m ready for spring! I HATE cold and flu season, and I HATE not being able to spend the majority of our day outside! Happy Thursday and stay warm, friends!

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