The Day We Lost Our Keys in Target…

Last night, after work, we decide to take a trip to Target. I’ve been in full on Spring cleaning/organize everything mode, and Target has some great baskets! We spend a solid hour walking through the isles and gathering goodies that are on my checklist.

We finally make our way to the check out line. As we’re walking to the door Stew says, “got the keys?” At which point I reply, “no. You never gave them to me”. We go back and forth trying to convince the other that they have the keys. I finally come to and realize I DID HAVE THE KEYS, they’re just not on me! Oh boy…mommy brain is in full force at this point. I completely forget what I did with the keys as soon as we walk in the doors, but I remember them jingling in my hands. So Stew and Turner wait in the food court, guarding our cart full of baskets and pretzel chips and ice cream, while I retrace my steps (luckily Turner loves Target).PicShellsbaby
No luck…

Then we switch roles. As Stew’s walking through the store, my mind is racing trying to remember where I put the stinkin keys!! Then, IT HITS ME!!! We switched shopping carts by the picture frames!! I call Stew and tell him my revelation! I stay on the phone while he roams the isles looking for the shopping cart. And then….HE FINDS THEM!! What a relief! It’s a good thing he and Turner are both patient men, otherwise I would have to hear about this all night! Of course, I could always use the excuse, HEY, I BORE AN 8 AND A HALF POUND BABY GIVE ME A BREAK!oops



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