The Big 3-0!

I’m back! The blog was down for about a month! Luckily my web guru was able to get it up and running again (thanks Reggie!!). Sorry for those of you looking for specific posts! Gladly, we’re back in action!

This past Friday was my 30th birthday! I can’t believe I’m 30! I don’t feel a day over 21, although I’m a tad more tired and my joints crack and ache pretty much all the time. Ok, so maybe I do feel 30!

This weekend was the most amazing celebration! Turner stayed at my mom’s house for the weekend while Stewart, Gracie, and I stayed at a beach house on Folly Beach.

I’m sure you’re wondering why we brought Gracie and not Turner. Well, we would have sent them both to Gigi’s house, but the thought of packing enough breast milk and needing to pump all weekend was enough to put me over the edge. So it was much easier to bring her along. She’s so easy going that we still had a nice quiet staycation!

Friday was spent unpacking, grocery shopping, and getting settled. Stewart planned a little party for me at the house Saturday night. I came up with a really easy menu so that I could enjoy myself and not spend the day cooking. I put a huge brisket in the crock pot Saturday morning (recipe HERE) for pulled brisket tacos. While that cooked, we bundled up and walked around Charleston to hit my favorite coffee shop, Kudu.

When we got home, we got everything ready for the party! The kitchen in this house was perfect for a gathering. It had an open layout with a long kitchen island which was great for the food. I put all the “fixins” out so people could create their own tacos. I also made a big thing of baked beans and Spanish rice. For dessert, we had key lime cupcakes. And, of course, the dirty martini was the pi├Ęce de r├ęsistance!

I had SUCH a fun night. We laughed hard, drank too much (and by too much I mean I had two and a half drinks, which was too much), and ate a lot. Thanks to all who celebrated with me! And thanks to Stewart for planning it!

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