Thanksgiving and Christmas Decorating!

 I won’t lie to you. I’ve actually had a few Christmas decorations up since the week before Thanksgiving. Ok, fine! I put them up the day after Turner’s birthday party (the 15th). But, we weren’t hosting Thanksgiving this year, so I figured I could cheat a little! There’s nothing I love more than white lights twinkling all over the house! I’ll blame Turner. He’s been asking to get a tree since Halloween! Who am I to spoil a child’s hopes and dreams??

So, Thanksgiving morning, after we drank our coffee, we went downstairs to decorate the tree! I actually liked doing that. It may be our new tradition!

My mom hosted Thanksgiving this year. She lives about 45 minutes away, so we put the kids down a little early for their naps. When they woke up, we got them dolled up and hit the road! I’ve been so excited to put Gracie in her first holiday dress!

It turned out to be a gorgeous day. It was about 70 during the day and dropped down a bit in the afternoon. My mom set dinner up outside. It was beautiful, and the food was equally as wonderful!

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I’m so excited for this holiday season. It seems to get better and better (and a little more hectic) each year!

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