7 & 8 Month Favorites


1 Munchkin Food Feeder Holy moly, I love this thing! Turner loves it more. Currently, his favorites in the mesh feeder are watermelon and frozen peaches. He chews on them and sucks the juice out until they disintegrate! It’s so funny to watch.

2 Sun Protection Hat My mom got this for Turner in the orange color. It is so stinkin’ cute! It’s nice and thin, so his head doesn’t sweat like when he wears his other hats!

3 Float Activity Center with Canopy We have an awesome pool in our neighborhood. I ordered this puppy for him a few months ago, and he loves it! He likes to chew on the little toys that came with it. Sometimes, he’ll lean back on the head rest and just relax. I wonder if it comes in my size??

4 Huggies Little Swimmers As most of you know, we do cloth diapers. These are perfect for when we go to the pool, because I don’t want to ruin his diapers with the chlorine or have him sit in a 20 lb water logged diaper all day. So, little swimmers it is!

5 L*Space Rio De Janeiro Halter Top Wait…how did that get in there!? Oops…that one is definitely for Momma. Ok, I’m completely obsessed with this bathing suit. And come on, how often does one buy a new bathing suit!? I’ll tell you what, for this momma, it’s not often! Can’t a girl indulge once in a while?

6 Infantino Shopping Cart Cover I love this shopping cart cover. Shopping is so much easier now that I can pop Turner right into the shopping cart! This cover is super thin, so I can fold it up and put it in our diaper bag. I love the material! It also comes with a buckle that I can loop through the back of the shopping cart (since most of the buckles on shopping carts are broken). I even use it in high chairs at restaurants and as a play mat. It’s so perfect!

Turner’s Favorite Books

The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site, Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? Slide and Find, Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star: And Other Favorite Nursery Rhymes, If I were a Bunny

For a while there, Stew and I would attempt to read Turner a bedtime story before his night time bottle. He was NOT having it. We would get about two pages in and he would reach for his bottle and start crying…he’s a hungry boy. About a month ago, he became obsessed with Brown Bear Slide and Find! He gets so excited to see what’s hidden behind the secret door! This is by far his favorite; we read it every night. I decided to put some of his other favorites on here too! All of these are attention keepers for sure! Enjoy!

6 Month Must Haves

I can’t believe Turner is 6 months old! I feel like he was born YESTERDAY! People always say time flies, but it truly does! A lot changes in 6 months. It’s hard to believe he’ll be crawling any minute!!
Breville Juicer This one’s really for Momma. But, when Momma’s happy, everyone’s happy! I’ve always been an avid juicer. I used to have one of those dinky fisher price Black & Decker juicers, and I was silly enough to believe there wasn’t a difference. Boy oh boy, was I wrong!! I can throw whole apples into this baby!! Whereas, with the other juicer, I had to chop things up into minuscule pieces to fit into the tiny feed tube. Needless to say, this makes juicing SO much quicker and MUCH easier to clean up!! And, if I must tie this to Baby, he will be drinking fresh juice in a few months, so it all works out in the end :o)

LeapFrog Learn & Groove Musical Table A friend of mine gave me this after her son grew out of it. I was one of those naive parents who thought I’d never have to own any bright plastic toys that would clash with my decor…WRONG. I must admit, this thing is awesome! Right now, we sit Turner in his Bumbo so he can reach it. He just slaps at this thing forever! He’s intrigued by the lights, colors, and sounds. It’s hard to believe that my baby is playing with big boy toys!!

Skip Hop Treetop Friends Activity Gym I know I already had this in another month. But this month it’s for different reasons! Turner loves to lie on his back and grab the toys hanging above him. He also likes to lay on his tummy and look at himself in the mirror on the ground or try to grab the hanging toys. This occupies him for hours!

Water Resistant Blanket Blanket This blanket is heavy duty. It’s awesome for sitting out in the yard, and it’s perfect for the beach! The sand wipes right off, and it’s big enough that Turner can scoot around!

Beach Caddy We felt like grown ups when we bought this. Stew and I used to be those people who just brought a chair and a towel to the beach. We never set up camp with a blanket and umbrella. Now that we have Turner, going to the beach is truly a family affair. We have the blankets, towels, pop up tent, diaper bag, toys, etc. So this caddy is PERFECT! It opens up and breaks down easily, which helps when packing it in the car. This is definitely a godsend for when we bring Baby to the beach!

Here’s a little blast from the past!
One Week Old
Six Months Old

5 Month Must Haves

Chicco High ChairWe originally registered for the high chair you can just put on a regular chair, but a friend of mine gave me this high chair. I love it! It has a final outer layer so food comes off easily. It folds up easily and has a place to attach the food tray for easy storage and travel. It’s an investment but definitely worth it!

Baby Bullet I always planned on making my own baby food but never really thought through the process. My mom and grandmother got me this for my birthday, and it is incredible! It’s small so I can store it in my cabinet. I pick one veg a week, steam it, blend it, pour it in the little happy cups, and BOOM, a week’s worth of food DONE! When I’m feeling lazy, I just blend an avocado with some breast milk and that’s a wrap. I feel so good about using this, because I know exactly what Turner’s eating, and I can choose the best ingredients for him! Now that my CSA farm share comes each week, I usually just pick a nice organic veg from there for him (last week was asparagus).

Soother Ring Teether Turner’s teeth are gonna come in an day or week or month now! He drools so much that he soaks through two bibs a day! He is constantly chewing on his fingers and hands. I pop this baby in the fridge and hold it in his mouth for him to chew. At first, he wasn’t crazy about it, but he’s starting to like it more! It’s BPA free and dishwasher safe which is nice!

California Baby SPF 30+ Fragrance Free Sunscreen It’s that time of year! Turner has such sweet baby skin that I want to protect it every chance I get! This is a bit more expensive, but I think it’s worth it. It has no toxins and doesn’t burn in the eyes. So far, he’s done well with it!

Genji Pop Up Tent Stew, Turner, and I went to the beach a few weekends ago. We were prepared, so I thought. I brought the beach caddy, a blanket, towels, chairs, our new tent, a diaper, and an almost empty pack of wipes. Well, Turner had a poopsplotion on the way, which didn’t worry me too much since his poops have been a bit more solid lately. So, we find a primo spot, load up the caddy, and walk onto the beach. I lay Turner down to change his diaper, and two wipes were NOT gonna cut it. Poop everywhere…on Turner, his blanet, my hands, my leg! I cleaned him up enough and put on his new diaper. Next, on to tent assembly. I got this great SPF tent from Bed Bath & Beyond. It looked simple enough…WRONG! Stew’s trying to set it up while I’m reading the directions. It’s one of those tents you have to thread the long sticks through the holes, like an actual tent. Definitely not something I could do alone! Needless to say, after our beach debacle trip, I returned that baby to Bed Bath & Beyond and bought this Genji pop up tent. AMAZING! I practiced popping it up and breaking it down a few times in the house. I feel confident that Turner and I can handle this when we venture back to the beach!

3 and 4 Month Must Haves


Projector and Sound Machine: We started using this around 5 weeks. I don’t think he really noticed it until around 2 or 3 months. That’s when we started putting the little projector on so he could watch the pictures on the ceiling. He would watch it until he fell asleep at night. There are different sound options. Turner likes the rain. But during the day we’ll put on Mozart or Lullabies and he likes that for naps sometimes. I love this little machine!

Vicks Warm Mist Humidifier: We originally had the cool mist humidifier which actually broke. I think I got water in the bottom. Anyway, we decided to get the warm mist since the cool actually made him cold! This is amazing. We put it on every night. There’s a place for an inhalant on the top. We fill it with eucalyptus oil and it smells amazing and keeps his little nose clear!

Playtex VentAire Bottles: We don’t use bottles too often. We give him his night time bottle (otherwise he’ll fall asleep) and I will send a bottle to the nursery with him when I’m at the gym or when I have to go into the office. We started with different bottles, but he would suck them down and cry when he was done. I don’t think he realized he was full since he drank so fast! These are slow flow, so it takes him longer to finish his bottle. That made giving him a bottle MUCH easier!

Skip Hop Treetop Friends Activity Gym: He absolutely LOVES this thing. He lays there forever entertaining himself hitting all the hanging animals. He also does tummy time on there and likes to look at the different patterns.

Sophie the Giraffe Teether: He’s not quite at the stage where he’s putting EVERYTHING in his mouth. He pretty much sucks on his hands and blankie non stop! But he does love Sophie. He likes looking at her and biting on her. He thinks she’s funny. Ahhh, simple pleasures!

California Baby Shampoo & Body Wash: I am in love with this stuff. It smells like lavender and it’s nice and gentle with no harsh chemicals! He gets a bath every night (since he was 5 weeks). He absolutely loves sitting in his tub. We only use this on his body every couple days. We pretty much wash his hair every night. He smells so good after his bath, I just want to eat him up!

Natural Cold Remedies

It’s hard to shield your baby from all the germs out there, especially during cold and flu season! You could, of course, keep your child indoors and never leave the house, but that’s not my style. I’ve been taking Turner out and about since he was probably 2 weeks. Maybe that was too early, but I would have gone crazy sitting inside everyday! That being said, we didn’t go out often and we were going places that weren’t crowded and no one was holding him! He made it through ok!

Now Stew, on the other hand, caught a cold a few weeks back. It was the whole sinus, sneezing, sore throat deal. I did NOT want Turner to get sick so I kicked into full on Mommy mode! Turner started getting the sniffles. He was sneezing more than usual and started with a dry cough. He had some eye gook too! I didn’t want to take him to the ped for fear of him catching some other illness going around! He didn’t have a fever, so I just decided I’d cure it at home, as long as he didn’t get any worse of course. Here are my natural remedies for the common cold! They worked like a charm!Slide1

Saline Solution-I made my own saline solution. You can definitely go out a buy saline drops for babies if you choose! I used 1/4 tsp salt to 1 cup water. I warmed the water just enough to melt the salt. I sucked it up into the bulb syringe and just did one to two little squirts in each nostril every 3 to 4 hours. I actually did it right before I fed him because he didn’t like it very much and feeding took his mind off it! I dumped the syringe after 24 hours and refilled with a clean batch.

The saline drops loosened up the goodies in Turner’s nose. I used this to suck the snot right out! He actually didn’t mind it. I even took a picture!photo

Bulb Syringe
I used this to suck up the saline solution. I would shoot a few drops into his nose every 3-4 hours. I made sure to empty it and wash it after 24 hours!

Cool Mist Humidifier
This is amazing! We’ve been using it in Turner’s room since he was born. It really came in handy when he had the sniffles though! We put a few drops of eucalyptus oil in it when we filled it with water each night so it would spray the eucalyptus air. It seemed to help tremendously!

Eucalyptus Oil
This was our saving grace. I made a mixture of eucalyptus oil and olive oil (1 to 4 ratio) in a little bowl and left it by his changing table. I would rub it on his chest and on our necks. This is like a natural vicks vapor rub. He would smell it on himself but also when we held him. I also put it in his humidifier and his bathtub too!

My little boy was as good as new after just a few days! Happy as a chubby little clam!photo1


2 Month Must Haves



Rock ‘N Play Sleeper
HEAVEN ON EARTH. That’s all I have to say…ok It’s not, but it should be. Turner absolutely LOVED sleeping in this. It’s on an angle so it kept him from having any issues with reflux and just seemed more comfortable. It’s also very cozy since the sides come up. We would swaddle him up and plop him in there at night. He slept for HOURS! Our pediatrician gave us the ok since there’s no loose cloth or pillows. It’s like his own little cocoon!

bumGenius One-Size Cloth Diaper 4.0
When people hear that I do cloth diapers they either think I won’t last or think I’m crazy! I know it’s not for everyone, but it’s seriously EASY! Especially with the all-in-one diapers. Here is my original post with videos and links to everything I ordered. The BumGenius are my favorite now that Turner’s bigger. We also have theFuzzibunz One Size Diaperbut they tend to leak every now and then. I think every diaper is different depending on the build of the baby. But these work great for us! 

This is perfect for our little chunker! He used to hate it when he was smaller. I could only carry him in the K’tan. Now that he’s bigger he loves the Bjorn! The best part is that Stew and I can both wear it. It sits in the middle of our backs so it doesn’t put a strain on our necks. It’s great when we don’t want to use the stroller. We just throw it on and go! 

Mommy’s Bliss Gripe Water
This stuff really works. The description says it’s associated with colic. Turner didn’t have colic but he went through a really gassy period around 4 weeks. We would give it to him and the gas came out within minutes!! He felt so much better after drinking it. It was definitely a life saver! We still use it occasionally if he has gas. We also use it for hiccups. It cures them RIGHT AWAY! I will always have it on hand!

Peppermint BarkOk this isn’t for Baby, it’s for me. When my mother in law was here, she bought this peppermint bark for us which was THE BEST thing I’ve ever tasted. I was seriously hooked. I loved it so much that, when it ran out, we made our own. Then, after New Year’s I had to give it up. It was a bad addiction.

Udo’s Choice Infant’s Blend Probiotic
I always have taken a probiotic and I know Turner gets a little through me, but I have a friend who started giving this to her baby. Genius! I got mine at Whole Foods. I just put a 1/4 tsp in his bottle every night.

Nordic Naturals Baby’s Dha
Our poor little boy. He’s getting all sorts of fun things from me that he doesn’t realize. This is his fish oil. He drinks it right up. We give him 1 ML a day. It helps with brain and visual development, immunity, and nervous system development. We’re starting good practices even at this early age!

First Month Favorites!


Nursing TankThese are unbelievably comfortable! I’ve been wearing them every day for the past month…especially in the first two weeks when you might as well put on some good movies and not get off the couch because you’ll be nursing NON-STOP!

Medela Pump in Style
I started pumping from the beginning. I pump while he’s nursing so I can kill two birds with one stone! I’ve got lots of milk stored in the freezer. It’s a great feeling knowing that I won’t be held hostage forever! We’ve already given him a few bottles, and he takes them like a champ!

Naked 100% Juice
Sometimes I just don’t have time to eat, but I’m so hungry I could literally eat a cow! These are helpful to get calories and protein when I only have one arm free or am juggling a million things plus a newborn!

Laundry BinThis is the best thing I ever did. In Turner’s nursery, I have a bin right next to his changing table. I put a drop of laundry detergent and fill it about halfway with water. That way I drop dirty clothes or burp cloths into it and let them soak until I’m ready to do a load of his laundry. That way his clothes aren’t permanently stained, and I’m not doing laundry every 10 minutes! 

Heating PadWe put this in his bed so it’s nice and cozy. We turn it on while I nurse him in the middle of the night and turn it off before we put him back to bed. That way he goes from one warm and snuggly place to another!

Baby K’tan Baby Carrier
This is so perfect for carrying Turner around while I’m working, cleaning, cooking, etc. A must have for the little one!

And a little something for your enjoyment! Stew’s parents took a picture of us while they were here last weekend… Life as we now know it…_DSC6314

Registry Must Haves

Lucky for me, one of my good (gorgeous and beautiful too) friends, Zhenya, owns the CUTEST baby  children’s boutique in downtown Charleston on King Street called Sugar Snap Pea. She knows the ins and outs of all things baby! How convenient for me! So I will go into her store from time to time to peruse and get the lowdown from her. I’ve learned a lot over the past few months! I have some photos of the must have items I’m registered for. I also linked everything so you can go straight to the website and check them out!

Sophie the Giraffe Teether I am absolutely obsessed with Sophie the Giraffe. This little animal has been in France for over 50 years and was just recently brought to us. It appeals to all of a baby’s senses which helps with their development. They start to identify the spots on her, she squeaks, her long neck gets Baby’s molars, and she naturally tastes and smells like vanilla because of the natural rubber used. They’re still hand made in France so no two are the same.
Chewbeads Hudson Necklace in Turquoise These are another genius invention. You know when you hold a baby and they want to grab at you and chew on you and pull your hair? Well, let them chew on these! They’re similar to the pacifier material, bpa free, and dishwasher safe. They even help Baby focus while nursing!
Boon Grass Countertop Drying Rack This is just an adorable dry rack for anything from bottles, to nipples, to the squirt spoon, etc. Very useful and so cute! I’m planning on getting two so I have one downstairs and one upstairs.
Boon Squirt Baby Food Spoon This is something I have never heard of until last night actually. Zhenya and my other friend, Emily, were conspiring and showed up at dinner with some gifts for me (since Emily’s moving to CA tomorrow and will miss everything my baby shower). Among them was this spoon. You can fill it with food and squeeze it into Baby’s mouth. How fun!! It’s also useful for traveling because the food can already be stored in your spoon.
Aden + Anais SwaddleThese are so soft and lightweight. They’re bigger than other blankets so they can double as other things as well. People use them as stroller covers, nursing covers, crib sheets, tummy time blankets, you name it! They’re well worth the investment!