Gracie One Year Milestones

I can NOT believe Gracie will be turning one on the 24th! What happened to my baby!? I feel like I was just pregnant with her and counting the minutes until she was born. Time is going WAY too fast this time around. It went fast with Turner, but knowing that she’s our last baby really makes me want to cling to her babyhood that much more. I have to stop! I’m getting all weepy.

So here’s a one year recap…(seriously who is this black-haired baby)


Age: 12 months
Weight: 18 lbs (25th percentile). She is so tiny and squishy.
Height: 28.25 inches (20th percentile). She is so tiny and squishy.
Favorite Food: This girl can eat. She might eat more than Turner if that’s possible! She loves veggie patties (anything I can blend up and form into patties), bananas, yogurt, oatmeal, grilled cheese, and peanut butter sandwiches.
Movement: Standing by herself. So close to walking! She does hand motions for “so big” “hello” and “cheese” (aka Jersey Head Tilt).
Favorite Toy: Turner’s toys, climbing on couch cushions, and her Walker.
Favorite Music: Everything! She dances and bops to the beat the second music comes on.
Words: It’s more like sounds really. She says “Mama” “Dadda” and makes sounds like “pa” “la”. She’s not a talker like Turner was. She’s an observer (just like Stew).
Favorite Things about Gracie: She has the softest skin. We can’t kiss and squeeze it enough. We especially love her thighs! She’s the happiest baby and is always smiling. She loves to make us laugh. She’s petite and dainty but has a giant appetite for such a little lady. She doesn’t keep a hair tie or clip in to save her life, so her hair is usually covering her face. She doesn’t keep shoes on. She prefers to pull them off and chew on them. Basically, we love everything about Gracie!

I feel like the most blessed momma on this planet to have Turner and Gracie as my babies! They are so kind and happy. They have hearts of gold. Watching Turner play with Gracie and seeing her eyes light up when he walks into a room is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever witnessed! I am so excited to share a lifetime with them and to watch their personalities form before my eyes! Happy almost birthday, Baby Girl!