Weekend of Partying

We LOVE the weekends. I work at home, so I get to spend A LOT of time with Turner. But, there’s just nothing like family time! Stew works long hours during the week, so we really look forward to weekends. Last Wednesday he didn’t get home until about 8pm, so he didn’t get the see Turner at all! This week he has a few night shifts thrown in there. So, now you see why we cherish our weekends!

This weekend was nothing short of amazing, as usual. We squeezed in all of our favorite things…working on the house, of course, going to the Farmer’s Market downtown, and seeing our friends at Turner’s friends’ birthday parties (yes two parties in one weekend)! Turner’s a pretty popular kid. Everyone wants him drooling on their cake! I took some pictures to capture the fun!

Saturday morning, after Turner’s first nap, we headed to the market. It was the perfect morning to walk around Charleston. It wasn’t too hot, and the sun was in and out…no sunburn for Baby!
We got our favorite Kettle Korn from the popcorn man and had some fresh smoothies for lunch!IMG_1267IMG_1275
We hung out in the park while we drank our smoothies.usIMG_1276
We left around 2. I fed Turner in the car, then we headed to party number 1! Turner’s friend, Wyatt, just turned 1. Turner pretty much spent his time swinging in the cool truck swing (note to self, we need one), and laying on his tummy in the backyard playing with the grass and dirt (he already loves getting dirty…good luck Momma).IMG_1278
We actually remembered to have someone take our picture! We have thousands of pictures of Turner, and probably three of all of us! Thanks John :o) P.S. Turner had pants on earlier in the day, but he got too hot, so we had to take them off!
Saturday night, we got home, I fed Turner, and Daddy picked up some pizza and Stromboli. We chowed down and Turner had bath time. Then, Daddy and I kicked our feet up and caught up on The Voice!

Sunday, we worked on the house in the morning. Stew’s been putting up window trim and chair rail in the parlor (pictures to come). During Turner’s morning nap, we primed and painted it. We still have a few finishing touches, but it looks incredible! It’s amazing how some trim can totally transform a room.

After that, we cleaned up and played with Turner. He’s been experimenting with his voice. He’s started this new squealing that is just adorable!

Turner Squealing from Emily on Vimeo.

That afternoon, we hit the road for party number 2. Turner’s friend, Olivia, was turning 1 as well! Maribeth and Ben (Olivia’s parents) had a BBQ at Riverfront Park. Turner hung out in his stroller while we caught up with friends :o)IMG_0949

Overall, it was a wonderful weekend! We have so much fun with this little baby! Every moment is special. I know it sounds cheeze, but it’s true!

The Day We Lost Our Keys in Target…

Last night, after work, we decide to take a trip to Target. I’ve been in full on Spring cleaning/organize everything mode, and Target has some great baskets! We spend a solid hour walking through the isles and gathering goodies that are on my checklist.

We finally make our way to the check out line. As we’re walking to the door Stew says, “got the keys?” At which point I reply, “no. You never gave them to me”. We go back and forth trying to convince the other that they have the keys. I finally come to and realize I DID HAVE THE KEYS, they’re just not on me! Oh boy…mommy brain is in full force at this point. I completely forget what I did with the keys as soon as we walk in the doors, but I remember them jingling in my hands. So Stew and Turner wait in the food court, guarding our cart full of baskets and pretzel chips and ice cream, while I retrace my steps (luckily Turner loves Target).PicShellsbaby
No luck…

Then we switch roles. As Stew’s walking through the store, my mind is racing trying to remember where I put the stinkin keys!! Then, IT HITS ME!!! We switched shopping carts by the picture frames!! I call Stew and tell him my revelation! I stay on the phone while he roams the isles looking for the shopping cart. And then….HE FINDS THEM!! What a relief! It’s a good thing he and Turner are both patient men, otherwise I would have to hear about this all night! Of course, I could always use the excuse, HEY, I BORE AN 8 AND A HALF POUND BABY GIVE ME A BREAK!oops



5 Month Photo Shoot

Turner and I had a little fun with my new camera this weekend. His new thing is rolling from one end of the room to the other. I had to get him on camera! IMG_0726
IMG_0774I’ve also been wanting a good shot of his little chunky feet to frame. I probably took over 100 photos but only chose a few to publish. Hope you enjoy!
This is how our shoot ended…

16 Weeks and Loving it!

Turner is blossoming into quite the fun little baby! He has such a personality! We feel so blessed to have such a happy baby! I’ve been taking notes of his milestones as the weeks go by. I wanted to get them on my blog so I don’t lose them! So here goes:

5 Weeks Old: Smiling, laughing, sleeping 7 hours at night
10 Weeks Old: sleeping 10 hours at night, batting at toys, bringing hands together, and drooling
12 Weeks Old: Drooling like a mad man
14 Weeks Old: Moved his “dream feed” up to 9:30pm instead of 10:30pm. Sleeping from 9:30-7:30am, rolled over from tummy to back

It’s really amazing how much he changes! It’s hard to believe that his 4 month dr visit is in a week! He’ll be starting solids before we know it! I absolutely LOVE this stage. For the first time in my life, I’m not looking ahead to “what’s next”. I wish time would stand still and I could just hold Turner forever!

9 Weeks OldIMG_0593
10 Weeks Old IMG_0949
11 Weeks Old IMG_0661
12 Weeks Old IMG_0101

I Just Can’t Resist Sharing!

We have been having SO much fun with Turner lately! He’s almost 11 weeks old and at the age where he’s becoming interactive. We’ve had a few exciting milestones. Starting at 5 weeks, he began sleeping really well at night! He would wake up once in the middle of the night, usually around 2 or 3, for a feeding. Then, at 10 weeks, he dropped his middle of the night feeding and has slept anywhere between 7 and 10 hours at night!! He’s quite the chunker so his ped says it’s perfectly fine! I truly think it’s because of the Baby Wiseschedule we started him on at 5 weeks.

He started smiling around 5 weeks. It’s amazing how much he changes and develops each week! Starting around 9 weeks he started laughing!!! It’s the cutest thing I’ve ever experienced. We finally caught it on video!

IMG 0646 from Emily on Vimeo.

Here are some pictures of him in his second month!

5 Weeks Old

photo6 Weeks Old



7 Weeks Old



8 Weeks Old



I am so obsessed with this baby! It’s so exciting to see the new things he’s constantly learning! I am loving this phase of his life!


A Month of Firsts…

It’s hard to believe that Turner is a month old! I still go over our birth story in my mind. It’s amazing how we just became parents one day and it’s now the new “norm”. I’m loving it!

The first two weeks were rough. Turner was eating every hour! By the time I finished feeding him, he was hungry again in 30 or 40 minutes! I was getting pretty depressed and anxious about it. I didn’t want any visitors or to go anywhere for fear of him having a freak out and me needing to feed him right then and there! At around a week and a half, I called my friend Jill and she saved me! She said, “Emily, you’re not doing things for fear of what might happen” She also said that something happens at 2 weeks where you really just accept this as your new norm and you’re ok with it. Luckily, she was right!

Things started turning around at 3 weeks. After my friend Maribeth dropped off this amazing book on parenting, I was really working on giving Turner a full feeding each time instead of snacking here and there. Basically, he would fall asleep and I would just assume he was full which is why he’d want to eat 30 minutes later. Now we go 3 or 4 hour stretches between feedings! I guess we all are learning as we go.

Now for the fun stuff… A lot has happened in our first month together:

Our first family picturedscf0950 Turner’s first encounter with DexterIMG_0569


Our first Thanksgiving feeling very exhausted


Our first car ride followed by several trips to Starbucks and Whole Foods
IMG_0352 IMG_0350

And decorating our first Christmas treeIMG_0389

1 Week OldIMG_0377

2 Weeks OldIMG_03953 Weeks Old_DSC6502

4 Weeks OldIMG_0441


It’s been such an amazing month together. Stew and I have come to love and rely on each other in a way we never needed to before. I’m so excited to see what the future holds!