That’s been me lately. I haven’t had time to write a blog post in ages! PHEW. I just took a deep breath. I feel much better now. Nothing is really new in our world. We’ve just been SOOOO busy! Work is finally starting to slow down. Last week was the end of our busy rental season, so I can breathe a little bit now!

Turner has been keeping me busy as well! I can’t even believe he is 9 months old today (9 month favorites to come)! He is moving around like crazy. He crawls all over the place! He’s even started pulling up on everything!

His favorite things to play with are the wires and desk drawers in Mommy’s office. How typical that of the million toys he has in there, he chooses the two most dangerous things to play with! Needless to say, we had to do some rearranging and wire lifting over the weekend!

Here are some funny shots from the past few days that I just had to share! The first is of our morning snuggle in bed. I can’t believe we’ve been doing the EXACT same thing every morning since he was born! It’s gotten to the point where we only last a few minutes in bed after I feed him because he is on the go! Take a look at those chompers!

This is a picture if his first haircut! I know I look angry and like I’m hurting him, but I’m very intense when I focus on something! I must say, his haircut came out great!

The house is quiet, Baby is tucked, our banana nut bread candle is wafting through the living room, and it’s time for ice cream and Homeland with my honey. Life is good. Happy Saturday night!

Busy Weekend

This weekend was super busy, but in a good way! As you already read in my last post, Stew’s parents were visiting. But that wasn’t all, Stew’s brother and wife, who I adore, moved here! So we had a LOT of quality family time packed into a few days. Poor Turner was not feeling well, but we made the best of it anyway! Stew’s mom took some great photos, so I thought I’d share! It’s hard to narrow it down, so I will just put a bunch!

On Saturday, we went to our favorite antique shop. Turner sat in the car with Grampy and Grammy while Stew and I ran in._DSC1435

Then, we headed downtown for the Farmer’s Market. I absolutely LOVE walking through the market. We meandered in and out of the tents and admired the produce and crafts. We even made a pitstop for lunch from the food trucks.

That afternoon, after nap time for everyone, we headed over to Luke and Suzy’s (brother-in-law & his wifey) new apartment!


Poor Turner wasn’t feeling so hot, so Stew and I took him home for his bath and bedtime. Grammy and Grampy picked up some pizza for dinner, which was delicious!

On Sunday, we went to our favorite lunch spot on Sullivan’s Island, The Co-Op. We ate our sandwiches at the park, and then walked down the street to Cafe Medley for ice cream.

That afternoon, Luke and Suzy came over, along with two of Suzy’s best friends who made the trip down with her. We hung out at our house for a little while and then hit Taco Boy for the best Mexican in Charleston!!

We had such a great weekend packed with food, fun, and family! We hit all of our favorite spots with the folks. Stew and I even got to steal away for a date night! Thanks for everything Grammy and Grampy!!

One of Those Days

Today is one of those days that I will erase off the calendar. I think I’ve mentioned it to you before. Turner had two crap naps, lasting about 20 minutes each. He has been sneezing all day and is a major grump. And guess what the culprit is, TOOTH NUMBER FOUR! The schedule is out the window on days like this! Luckily, Stew’s parents are here to give him the extra cuddles he needs!

I feel like Turner was at a complete standstill for a while. He wasn’t quite crawling, he only said “dada”, and he seemed to be “teething” forever with no teeth in sight! Now, in the past month, he started crawling, saying mama, pulling up, and is about to pop his fourth tooth! It’s crazy how he literally changes overnight!

He is growing so fast and is such a sweet little baby. I hate to see him upset, because it is not like him at all! All I want to do is hold him and make him feel better! Keep your fingers crossed that he wakes up happy and refreshed! We have a big weekend ahead of us!

Back to School

I can’t believe it’s almost back to school time! I always feel nostalgic this time of year. I still remember the beginning of the year jitters as a teacher like it was yesterday! August, to me, always means the start of fall. I’m beginning to get super psyched for the cool nights, apple crisp, and sitting on the porch with a blanket and candles.

Time seems to be FLYING by! Before I know it, Turner will be getting his back to school clothes and backpack for the school year! But, for now, he’s all mine…which is why we started “Babygarten”. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE spending all day with this cute little munchkin! But, honestly, it’s time to socialize.

Babygarten is a class at our library. We meet one morning a week for about an hour and sing songs and read a book. Turner isn’t a big fan yet. He seems to be bothered by the large crowd, everyone clapping, and babies running amok. Then again, who wouldn’t be?

Turner and his friend, Lola, are in the class together. Which means the mommies get some time together!
Now, Lola is as pretty as she can be. And, I’m sure in a few years, Turner will be in love with her. But, at the moment, he’s a bit intimidated by her. It’s probably because she likes to bounce up and down on her knees waving her hands in his face like she’s putting him under a spell! I can’t wait to show them this picture when they’re in high school!
This past class was a little better. There were no tears! Turner seemed to be better at socializing. Although, in the beginning, he crawled AWAY from the crowd to the corner to play with a toy.

I had to pick him up and put him in the mix. He might be shy like his daddy when he grows up!
This class is a hilarious break from real life. It’s like we are transported to a happy little bubble full of nursery rhymes and “YAAAAAAY”s. Plus, there’s so much baby chunk in one room that I can’t HELP but love it! We only have a few classes left, but I hope Turner warms up to the other munchkins in the room!

Bath Time

I absolutely love bath time. It’s got to be my favorite part of the day. No matter what kind of day we’ve had, Turner always looks forward to his bath.
Once he started sitting up, we would sit him in his baby bathtub with his butt behind the hump. That worked well for a while, because he was still supported. He was starting to get a little uncomfortable, so we just recently starting sitting him in the big tub with just a few inches of water. He loves it even more. He loves to splash around and play with his toys. I took some pictures to capture his cuteness!

Hope you enjoyed sharing in our bath time fun!

Sunday Randomness

It rained on Sunday, a lot. We were gonna go to the beach, but the clouds rolled in. So, we did a bunch of random things to make the best of our rainy Sunday together. We started with our daily morning snuggle session in bed.
Then, we headed downstairs to eat breakfast. Turner had his oatmeal with peaches and blueberries. Then, he snacked on some watermelon while I made Paleo French Toast (recipe to come).
Turner went down for his morning nap, and Stew and I cleaned the house and did laundry…two of my favorite things (no, I’m not kidding).
When Turner woke up, we headed to Babies R Us to use my gift certificate that I’ve had since before he was born (sorry Zhenya and Kelly)! The high point of my day was trying the new Orange Spice Iced Coffee from Starbucks! I don’t know how it’s possible to put this time of year into a flavor, but THAT was it! It was bright and summery, yet had the spice of fall (which I’m already planning for)!
On our shopping spree, we came across those foam letters you put on the floor. In my past life, I told myself I would never own a toy that was so brightly colored, but alas, we were in need. Our rug is SO hard and uncomfortable (beauty is pain) that I needed to put some sort of cushioning down for Turner to play on! So, here it is…
I actually do love it, and so does Turner. Isn’t that all that matters? I’ll have my house back someday! We had a great rainy Sunday. We played, ate, napped, and relaxed. Sometimes, rainy days are good for the soul!

Weekend Recap

I love our weekends. Not because they’re particularly exciting, but because I love our time together as a family! We usually do a lot of stuff around the house: cooking, cleaning, Pinterest projects, etc. This weekend was no different. We wanted to go the the Farmer’s Market on Saturday, but we got rained out (surprise surprise). So, after Turner’s morning nap, we opted for a Whole Foods trip. We planned out our meals for the week and made our grocery list. Whole Foods is always a good time!

Later that night, we had a super duper date night lined up. Stew’s parents got us a gift certificate for Husk a few months ago for our anniversary. We were thrilled! We’ve been trying to get in there for months! We got decked out and hired Gigi and Paw Paw (my mom and stepdad) to babysit!
Our dinner was nothing short of amazing! First of all, the restaurant is in this old Charleston house. When we walked in, there was a HUGE chalkboard (I was obviously excited) with their ingredients and which local farm they got them from! We sat on the second floor balcony. It wasn’t hot at all, and there was a nice breeze blowing. We started off with wine and some homemade rolls with bourbon infused butter (SO GOOD). My first course was an heirloom tomato and pole bean salad with local goat cheese and homemade ricotta salata. FLAVOR CENTRAL.

Stew started off with a sweet corn soup with blue crab, fennel, and squash. YUM

Then, we moved on to our main courses. I had the flounder with blue crab and local carrots. Stew indulged in a wagyu sirloin with fingerling potatoes.

We also got a skillet of cornbread which was cooked with bacon. Wow. We were stuffed! It was the perfect date night; eating great food in my favorite town in the world!

Sunday, we got a wild hair and decided to do some weeding in the backyard. We had a TON of mulch that we had to put down.mulchphoto
So off we went, on our hands and knees, pulling a zillion weeds out of the garden. I must say, it was a lot of work, but it looks amazing now! Just a side note, if you’ve ever wondered how to have your baby outside while you’re doing things, like lawn work, but don’t want him to get eaten by mosquitoes, put a crib sheet on top! GENIUS! My husband is quite a thinker.

So after a few hours, we cleaned up. Hmmm…how can we end our weekend? How about a trip to Target? So we packed up for a little walk around Target. As you can see, Turner was just as excited as I was!
I could walk around there all day. They have their back to school stuff out already! I always love this time of year. I’m already thinking of decorating for Fall…I know I know, it’s still Summer. I can’t help it if I Live in fast-forward!

We ended the night with our usual dinner, porch swing, bath-time routine. There was a little twist. Turner decided he didn’t want to sit down in his tub. He preferred to stand. And honestly, how could we say no to this face?!
We hope you had a great weekend!

Turner’s First Tooth

I have been WAITING for Turner to get his teeth! He’s been drooling like crazy picture dog with his head hanging out the window with drool flying in the wind since he was about 4 months old. He would soak through two bibs a day! I swore he was going to pop a tooth any day. I thought I had an early bloomer on my hands! NOPE. The days turned to weeks, and the weeks turned to months. He just drooled for 3 months straight. I finally gave up on the bibs. They didn’t match his outfits, and he got seriously soaked anyway! I stopped looking for teeth.

A few weeks ago (you probably remember my ranting) he wasn’t napping. He had a runny nose and wanted to be with me all day! I guess that’s when they started really coming in, although I couldn’t see anything. Then, all of a sudden, A TOOTH. It just appeared out of nowhere! He wasn’t grumpy or anything! I was waiting for a very unhappy baby. Stew said it’s because he has “a Watson pain tolerance”…Ok, I’ll give him that. He’s one tough little cookie!

I want to keep track of his major milestones so I can look back and remember the moment EXACTLY! So, here we go! P.s. I made a print of this chalkboard that I’m selling as a digital file on etsy. Check it out!


Age: 7.5 months
Weight: 18 lbs at his 6 month visit
Height: 28 in (94% percentile)
Favorite Food: Kale apple & yellow squash puree with cinnamon and nutmeg (totally my kid) and watermelon!!
Movement: Scooting all over the place. He gets on all fours nonstop but doesn’t go anywhere (and I’m in no rush!)
Favorite Book: Brown Bear Slide and Find. We read this EVERY night. It never gets old. His favorite part is sliding the box for the teacher. He cracks up every time!
Favorite Toy: His bouncer, the porch swing, and drumming on kitchen pots (he takes after his daddy)
Favorite Music: Mommy singing, Hunter Hayes, Taylor Swift (sorry Babe)

Happy Anniversary to Us!

As a little girl, I dreamed of growing up to be like Cinderella (minus the evil stepmother). I hoped to meet a prince charming who would sweep me off my feet and love me forever. Looking back on my many crushes, breakups, and heartbreaks, I can see exactly why things worked out, or didn’t work out for that matter! Stew and I have come a long way since we started dating!

Seven years ago, I started dating the most amazing man on the planet! I was a sophomore at The College of Charleston, and Stew was my big brother’s friend who I had known forever…isn’t that funny? He and my brother moved to SC for a change of scenery. It took him moving to Charleston for us to fall in love! We dated for 3 years. He was a huge part of my college life (as my friends and roommates can attest to!) Here’s a flashback to my college days. P.S. It was Halloween…we didn’t normally dress like that 😮
Five years ago, he asked me to marry him. It was a Friday in October, and I was in my first year as a 4th grade Language Arts teacher. It was a long day, and I was at school extra late. I called him on my way to his apartment…little did I know, he was pacing the floor waiting to propose!
Four years ago, we had the most amazing wedding on the hottest day of the year! We planned everything ourselves. I even made the bouquets and centerpieces with flowers from Costco!
We wanted a true southern wedding. We had the ceremony at our church (Stew put his ring on my finger…oops!)
wrong ring
We even had a horse and carriage take me and my dad to the church and pick me and Stew up from the church!
The reception was outside of my mom’s house (she also moved to Charleston) under a tent, where we partied and danced the night away!
tent 22-06-31
prince charming

A few months later, we got a big snuggly puppy and named him Dexter (yes, after the show)…
About a year later, we bought a nightmare foreclosure…Here’s a before shot.
Here’s an after shot.
Another before and after just so you can see the conditions we lived in…AHHH!
Jan 30, 2011

Then came baby, which you already know ALL about 😮
We’ve definitely done A LOT over our years together. Each year seems to have a new adventure. Life with Stew gets better every day! I’m so excited to share the rest of this crazy life together!

Rain Rain Go Away

The weather has been terrible lately! I don’t even remember what the sun looks like! That is rare in SC! The only good thing about it is that we were forced to just relax this weekend! Stew, Turner, and I spent Saturday afternoon sitting in a coffee shop, which was so fun! The rest of our time was spent at home playing, cleaning, and doing laundry (a few of my favorite things).

Speaking of playing, Turner has just turned into a big boy right before our eyes! We keep thinking he’s this little baby who can’t do anything! It’s hard to believe that he’s sitting up in his Boppy Pillow and is actually capable of playing with “6mo+” toys!! Here are some shots of him.t



Next weekend, we’re hosting our supper club (Tapas & Sangria theme), so we ventured out to Hobby Lobby and Michaels on Sunday. While we were there, I found blank onesies and iron-on letters! This reminded me that I’ve been wanting to make a onesie for Turner! So we picked up the goodies, and I made this when I got home!t3
Turner obviously loved it because he loves his veggies! A boy after his momma’s heart :o)

Overall, it was a pretty uneventful weekend. We still had fun though! Rain can’t hold us back!