Sunday Funday

As I mentioned in my previous post, Stew and I have been insanely busy. Yesterday was the first day we were both off in months. It was great. We started the day by going to church together. I’ve been going it alone since he was working on the weekends. It’s always nice to have a second set of arms!

After church, we came home and had lunch. Then I ran out to get some groceries and run a few errands. We even got the family together for Sunday dinner at my mom’s! It’s always awesome to see them.

Every time the family sees Turner, I feel like he has changed. He looked like such a big boy running around my mom’s house and playing with everything in site! He loves going to her house. She knows exactly what to do to excite him.

Turner’s favorite part of Sunday dinner, aside from spending time with family, is the food! He is such a good eater. I can hardly keep up with how much he wants to eat!!

That picture pretty much sums up my life: cook, eat, eat some more, nap, cook, eat, repeat. Turner is turning into quite the hilarious kid.

I always love the weekends. But I especially love when we get to enjoy it as a family! Such a fun day!

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  1. Had a great time, love getting together with the family and your biscuits were divine, so fluffy and delicious!

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