Summer Days

We have quite a solid routine these days. Since Stew’s been working with me for our rental business, it’s been nice tag-teaming between work and play. Stew spends his days on Dewees, while Turner and I hold down the fort at home.

We start our day at the gym, run some errands, then head home to have lunch and the occasional smoothie date. Then it’s pretty much hanging out at home while mommy makes phone calls and works on the computer. He’s gotten quite good at entertaining himself while I work. I feel like it’s all he’s known since I’ve worked from home since he was born.

Then it’s the beloved nap time. He naps from about 1:30-4 give or take. That’s my time to hunker down with an iced coffee and relax or get more work done.

Stew usually gets home shortly after his nap and it’s full on game time! The second he walks in the door, Turner harasses him, “Pway Dwums!” “Baseball” “Chase You” “Pway Catch”.

And then there’s Stew’s genius invention where he turned our wagon into a portable sandbox. Turner pulls his sandbox out of the garage and then we can put it back when he’s done! That way it doesn’t get rained on or filled with bugs.

I’m really enjoying this summer. Turner is so much fun and quite hilarious. All he wants to do is play. I just wish I had enough energy to be the one running around with him! Soon, we’ll have another little munchkin adding to the fun! Can’t even wait.

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