Strawberry Picking

It has been raining for a week straight. That gets me down as it is, but having a stir crazy toddler makes it even more difficult. We’ve been finding plenty of things to keep us busy in the house, but it’s always nice to get out!

Saturday, after Turner’s nap, the sun finally came out! It just so happened to be the weekend that our local Strawberry festival was happening! So, the second he woke up, we headed out! I think I was more excited about the strawberries and Turner was excited about the mud and puddles.

When I go strawberry picking, I’m all business. I am on a mission. Turner helped for a little but quickly got side tracked when we got to a very muddy spot. That’s when Daddy took over Turner duty so I could continue my strawberry raid!

Overall, it was a very successful trip! We got lots of strawberries and got extremely muddy to boot. Thank goodness for that little pocket of sunshine in our weekend!

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