Staycation on Dewees Island

One of the beautiful things about managing a rental business on Dewees Island, is that I get to spend time there! This past weekend, we went to spend a night in one of my favorite houses, Charlotte’s Pearl.

Dewees is one of those places that feels SO far away from everything but is actually so close to the modern conveniences we love! I am still surprised every time I ride the ferry to and from the island and realize how close it is to town! We were so tucked away on Friday night on our little private island, but within a 20 minute ferry ride the next day, we were hopping in our car and heading to Target! It’s quite an experience!

This was our first vacation as a family! I was a little nervous about Turner sleeping in a strange room with a strange crib, but he did great! I was also nervous about Ellie barking and waking us up in the middle of the night, but she was awesome too! My coping mechanism for things out of my comfort zone is to make lists….lot’s of them! I had about 5 to-do/packing lists that helped me stay super organized!

There are no stores or restaurants on Dewees, so I took a little help from a delivery service! Traveling with as little as possible is definitely the best way to do this trip! I used Baby’s Away for Turner’s baby gear (crib, stroller, booster seat). They were AMAZING! They met us at the ferry and unloaded everything right at the dock!

We also used their grocery service, called Groceries Ahead, so we didn’t have to worry about grocery shopping on the way! They had our groceries at the dock too! All we had to do was load up the ferry and hop on the boat!

Once we arrived, we instantly relaxed. My intern, Jesse, helped us load our luggage onto the golf carts and came with us to the house to help us get settled in!

We put Ellie on the gorgeous wrap around screened porch with her bed and toys, and she was as happy as a clam!

Friday afternoon, after Turner’s nap, we popped him in the stroller, Ellie in tow, and walked across the street to the beach!

Then we came back to the house to get supper ready! I had some chicken marinating in the fridge all day with olive oil and some spices. Stew popped that on the grill while I put together a salad and roasted up some sweet potato fries with a little oil, brown sugar, and cinnamon. Dinner was a big hit! Our food somehow tasted much better out there!

The next morning, we woke up around 7. We brought Turner into our bed for our usual coffee, bottle, and snuggle time! It was just starting to get light outside when it dawned on us… LET’S GO SEE THE SUNRISE! We grabbed Ellie, jumped in the golf cart, and hopped across the street to the beach. We JUST made it!!!

Then it was back to the house to make some breakfast!

After breakfast, we headed out to take in the views, see some nature, and play!

What an adventure we had! We made so many memories and had some great quality family time, unplugged from the hustle and bustle of everyday life! Turner and Ellie were as good as could be! Now that we know they’re up for vacations, we might just be taking weekend getaways out there more often!!

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  1. added to your experience, were the smiles you gave to all of us who live on Dewees! Loved the view from inside your first vacation. Come again!

  2. Hi there,
    We are staying at the same house starting on May 2nd with 4 kids under 3. Did you wish you had a baby gate for the stairs or are they pretty easy to block off? I’d rather not bother but if they are a true hazard I should probably think about it 😉

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