Spring and New Things

Spring in Charleston means it goes from freezing cold to 80 degrees within days! This week has been one of those beautifully warm weeks that makes me LOVE this city! Hopefully winter is gone for good!

Turner and I have really been enjoying the weather this week! While work keeps me busy, I always try to find pockets of time during the day for me and Turner to spend together. Every week is different. We do things like play dates, library trips, beach picnics, or just play in the yard.

Thursday morning, we went to the library for story time. While we waited for the library to open, I figured we could practice walking in the grass. Turner is 16 months old and STILL NOT WALKING. Needless to say, he’s getting VERY heavy! I know he CAN walk, he just doesn’t have the confidence yet. So we keep encouraging him (by that I mean we clap when he falls). So, yesterday, while I was holding his hand to walk in the grass outside of the library, I let go AND HE KEPT WALKING! He was so proud of himself! Now I know he can do it! Hooray for new victories!

Walking from Emily on Vimeo.

He was SO proud of himself! We walked into story time with a newfound confidence! I was beaming with excitement and he seemed to turn into a little man at that very moment! In the past, Turner would cling to me whenever we’d listen to the stories. But not this day! He hopped right off my lap and sat in the CENTER of the circle to sing our songs and listen to the stories!

Our little baby is turning into a boy right before our eyes. We are shocked by how quickly he learns! It’s amazing to watch him develop. We are definitely excited for the warm weather and all of the new things our future holds!

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