Sick Baby

Poor Turner woke up super sick on Saturday. We all slept in until 8, which is late for us. I looked at the monitor and Turner was still asleep, which is very unusual for him. He’s usually wide awake, playing in his crib, by 6am!
We brought him into our bed to have our usual coffee and milk time. He drank a little milk and then wanted to lay down again. He wanted to snuggle, so I took full advantage (even though I knew that wasn’t normal).

Immediately after I took that picture, he threw up. My reaction was to sit him up and try to catch it. Seriously!? After that round, we stripped our bed and laid him down on a towel.

After some time went by, we brought him, his towel, and a garbage can downstairs and set up camp on the couch. We all sat there and watched TV. He got sick again 30 minutes later. Then he fell asleep on the couch around 10.

Poor little baby. It broke my heart to see him like that! Luckily that was the last time he got sick. He woke up from his nap and started asking for water. I held him off from eating or drinking anything, because I didn’t want him to get sick again!

By 12, I gave him some ice chips. He held that down and was begging for cheerios. So, by 12:30 we gave him a few cheerios. Luckily he kept those down too! He went into his crib by 2 to take a nap, because he was exhausted. He took a solid nap and woke up good as new. This did not happen the last time he got sick! It was a week solid of throwing up. I was so thankful he wasn’t sick for long this time! Let’s hope that’s the end of illness this season. Stay well!

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