Pool Party

Our neighborhood has a great pool, which is a major bonus. I have always loved going to our pool, but this year, I’m even MORE excited because Turner is here! I ordered him a baby float, and yesterday was the PERFECT day to break it in. We slathered on some sunscreen, rocked our festive Memorial Day bathing suits, and hit the pool!IMG_1513
He wasn’t too sure about the pool at first. It was a little chilly for little baby legs. But, once he was in, he started to have fun. He loved his float!┬áThis thing is the cadillac of baby floats. It has chew toys, shaker toys, floaty toys, and an inflatable octopus to bash! The canopy on top was perfect to block the sun. His favorite part was chewing on the rubber fishy!IMG_1481
He let us know when he had enough. He lasted about 1/2 an hour, which is longer than I thought he would! So, we whisked him out of the pool, stripped him down, and wrapped him up in a towel to dry off in the sun. There’s nothing better than a nakey baby!!IMG_1499
Once he was warm, he was all smiles!
We had so much fun at the pool! It was our first of many pool parties! Turner obviously had fun too. When we got home, we sat him in his swing, and he was OUT COLD! It’s hard work playing in the sun!IMG_1516

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