Parents are Superheroes

Lately, I feel like I have been everything to everyone, and it’s exhausting! Ever feel that way? Stew worked so much last week. Wednesday, he went into work at noon and worked until midnight! Thursday, he had to go in at 9am and didn’t get home until 7pm (Turner was already getting ready for bed). Friday, he had to be at work at 6am! I feel terrible that he’s working so much. But, I need a serious vacation and by vacation I mean that I need to get my hair cut! I have a newfound respect for single parents!

Thursday afternoon, I was spent. Turner took his morning and midday naps like a champ. I got SO MUCH work done (rentals, QuickBooks, monthly statements, answered a million phone calls, etc). I fed Turner around 2:00. By about 3:30, he was so tired and getting grumpy. So, I put him in his swing to see if he’d take a catnap. This usually works like a charm. He cried HYSTERICALLY! After a few minutes, I went to sit with him. He wouldn’t stop, so I picked him up. I rocked him for a little, and he calmed down. His eyelids were so heavy, so I put him in his crib…CRIED HYSTERICALLY! I put him in his play gym, CRIED HYSTERICALLY. At this point, I had to pull out the snot sucker he was so worked up! All he wanted was to be held, and he is never like that! Needless to say, it was a LONG afternoon. It was finally dinnertime, so we sat at the dinner table together, staring at each other, and ate… just the two of us. He was probably wishing for a change of scenery at that point!
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Friday morning, I felt like I pressed rewind and hit the play button starting at around 3:30 Thursday afternoon. He was so tired, so I put him in his crib for his morning nap (usually his best nap of the day)…Not havin’ it! I even had to pull out the snot sucker again (teething? sniffles? separation anxiety?)! After more of the same (see paragraph above), I finally got him calmed down and put him in his crib. I turned on his classical music and sat in my office. He was finally quiet! Could he be….SLEEPING? So I walked by his room and I saw this
He clearly prefers working on crawling and slapping things rather than napping.
Do you see those tired eyes!?!
Being is a parent is a tiring and difficult job, but somehow we always survive, don’t we? We survive the sleepless nights, the poopy diapers, the 103-degree fevers, and the long hours of crying! Parents are truly superheroes. Thoughts? Stories? I’d love to hear!!

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  1. Cherish the times he wants you to hold him. They will be gone before you know it. Plus it will make him feel secure – better able to face the world later in life, and better in relationships!

    Everything else you need to do can wait! Children are a precious gift and before you know it you won’t have them around and will have plenty of time for all the other things …..



  2. Treasure each day the good and the bad. You are a great mom and turner is blessed to have a mom that is do dedicated and depends on The Lord for wisdom. You are doing a super job. Pops and i are very proud of you. Turner is so a joy to us. Blessings to you and stew and our sweet turner

  3. When you can write about things like this then you know you are being a good parent. You both are but because Stew works so much, you have to do the bulk by yourself. Be thankful for : the fact that Stew has a job; that you have the most beautiful baby; that you are such a good Mom; that we all love you and support you!
    We can’t wait to see him again. Good that you can share all this with us.

  4. We share your frustrations, but they are with every mother of a beautiful baby. He is healthy. Relax when you can, because a toddler will take even more energy from you…… hopefully Turner will grow up to be like his daddy and uncles……
    Wishing you many , happy, photogenic days ahead……

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