Pancake Breakfast

I hesitate as I write this post. I feel like I’m about to give away the best kept secret. Ok…here we go. We have a Southern Seasons (if you’ve never been there, it will change your life) right around the corner from our house. Stew and I took a cooking class there a few weeks back and discovered that the adjoining restaurant, Southerly Restaurant, serves $5 pancakes on Saturday mornings! I mean, you can’t even get a drink from Starbucks for $5 these days!

I took Turner on a mommy and son date, about 6 weeks ago, to check it out! Best. Pancakes. Ever. We’ve been going every Saturday since. You get three giant fluffy pancakes with a side of crispy bacon. They have plain, blueberry, or their weekly special. We usually split the blueberry pancakes. Stew has been working on Saturdays for the past few weeks, so he’s missed out on this epic discovery. Yesterday, however, he was finally able to join us! And, as usual, Turner was thrilled for our weekly pancake outing!

The special this week was apple cinnamon pancakes. Perfect! We started with a bowl of fresh berries to hold us over.

Then, Turner and I did some coloring while we counted the minutes until our pancakes arrived.

Can you believe this costs $5!?

Turner started rocking in his chair shouting “PANTATES” as I quickly tried to cut his up. This kid has become obsessed. He doesn’t know whether a fork or his hand will get the job done faster, so he uses both.

What a fun tradition we started! We all look forward to Saturdays, if for nothing else than our $5 pancakes!

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