Ok, I’m Really Pregnant

Six weeks hit, along with pregnancy symptoms. I couldn’t believe it! I wasn’t supposed to feel sick because I was so healthy!! I was feeling nauseous and dizzy for 2 weeks. I couldn’t even drive to my office so I worked from home. Yuck! When I went to my first doctor’s visit, she said it was normal and gave me some things to try… I was desperate! Sea Bands-NOPE; peppermint extract-NOPE; fresh ginger-NOPE; ginger snaps-NOPE; Morning Sickness Tea-NOPE. Around 7 weeks, I started taking 400mg of Magnesium before getting out of bed in the morning and then 25 mg of B6 every 4 hours. I think that helped, but it’s hard to tell. All I could eat for those 2 weeks was carbs. My favorites were whole wheat english muffins with butter and apricot jelly, mini cinnamon raisin bagels with cream cheese, cheese and crackers, and saltines. I felt so guilty for eating such bland things and not exercising (how could I exercise when I could barely walk) but my midwife reassured me that the baby would be fine and I’d make up for it in a few weeks.

She was right! At 9 weeks, I’m starting to feel human again! I even ate a whole bunch of kale the other night. I’m getting back into my old ways. I’m working everyday and even went to the gym twice so far this week! Hormones are crazy! I’m eating much better these days… much more produce and protein. I’m so lucky that the worst part of it was only 2 weeks. I couldn’t imagine going through that until week 12 or 13! Now I can get excited! 

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