My Little Chatterbox

Turner has become QUITE the chatterbox. He talks all day long, whether or not anyone is listening. The second he opens his eyes in his crib it starts “WHAT’S THAT? WHAT’S THAT?” “GEEEE” “UH OHHHHH” (as he throws every stuffed animal overboard.

He’s forming a funny little personality too. Last night, as I was giving him a black bean quesadilla, he looked me right in the eyes and shoved a piece down into his seat. Did he really think I wouldn’t see!? My reaction made him think it was hilarious, and so he did it even more! Somehow my “no” meant “do it again, that was awesome”. How are kids pre-wired to become mischievous!?

Back to the main issue. Since, he’s so talkative, he’s not too focused on walking! My pediatrician said that’s completely normal. They usually master one skill and then the other. He also said that Turner is completely capable of walking, he just hasn’t felt the need to and lacks the confidence! So, this past week, I made walking my focus.

I started to notice that I’ve been carrying him from point A to point B and not giving him a chance to test out his walking skills. He loves walking around with his lawnmower . He seems to be using that as a crutch though! So I started saying “up” and standing him up to walk places. We went to the gym yesterday, and he held my hand and walked from the entrance all the way back to the nursery! Turns out he CAN do it!  So, instead of carrying him (or letting him crawl) from the tub to his room, he walks. Instead of letting him crawl from our room to his, for a diaper change, he walks! Seems like common sense, I know!




Now that he has a bit more confidence, he pushes anything he can get his hands on around the house (chairs, tables, stools, etc). His current favorite is his dump truck. He stands up and literally sprints in circles (hence the blurry photo) around the house (who cares if his pants are falling down).

It’s so easy to compare and judge when your child “should” be doing something that he isn’t! I should practice what I preached as a teacher–All children learn in their own way and at their own pace! Our kids are exactly where they should be. They bring something so special to our lives, don’t they?

I look forward to every new experience with Turner! It is truly amazing to watch him learn and grow by the day! I couldn’t be prouder of the little boy he is becoming!

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