Monday Blues

Mondays are always hard. The weekend is over, and it’s back to the grindstone. It’s me, the kids, work, and lots of coffee. Well, I guess lots of coffee is a part of my weekends too.

Our Mondays start the same way. I pack up the kids and start our day at the gym. It just gets us up and out and sets my mind in “go-mode” for the rest of the day! If Stew’s not too busy at work, he’ll come with us. Today, he was too busy. He went ahead of us so he could get out to Dewees earlier.

So, we started our day much in the same. Stew took Turner downstairs to get breakfast ready while I finished up feeding Gracie, pumping, and getting her down for her morning nap (HERE is our schedule if you’re interested).

I get downstairs as Stew is heading out. He says, “Turner ate and peed”. Excellent! Ok, so all I need to do is get Turner dressed, grab Gracie, and head out! It’s 8:40 at this point. That’s 5 minutes before we need to leave in order to get to my class in time. We’ll make it!

As I’m brushing my teeth, Turner starts yelling, “OH NOOOO I PEED MY PANTS”.  He does not like making a mess, so this is very upsetting. He starts crying and I run up to grab a new pair of undies and get him dressed all over again. Ok, DONE. Time to go get Gracie. I walk into her room and it stinks! Ugh… she pooped. I pick her up to change her diaper, seriously considering telling the girls in the nursery at the gym that she must have pooped in the car! Then I reeled it in and changed her diaper. She just smiled at me as if to say, “it’s ok, Momma. You can handle this”. Indeed I can, Gracie.

We finally get in the car, running late, but my kids are dry and happy. So I can’t complain.

And although I had the blues when I woke up, thinking of the never-ending to-do list awaiting me, I’m halfway through the day! And there’s nothing nap time and a giant iced coffee can’t fix ;o)

Happy Monday!

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