That’s been me lately. I haven’t had time to write a blog post in ages! PHEW. I just took a deep breath. I feel much better now. Nothing is really new in our world. We’ve just been SOOOO busy! Work is finally starting to slow down. Last week was the end of our busy rental season, so I can breathe a little bit now!

Turner has been keeping me busy as well! I can’t even believe he is 9 months old today (9 month favorites to come)! He is moving around like crazy. He crawls all over the place! He’s even started pulling up on everything!

His favorite things to play with are the wires and desk drawers in Mommy’s office. How typical that of the million toys he has in there, he chooses the two most dangerous things to play with! Needless to say, we had to do some rearranging and wire lifting over the weekend!

Here are some funny shots from the past few days that I just had to share! The first is of our morning snuggle in bed. I can’t believe we’ve been doing the EXACT same thing every morning since he was born! It’s gotten to the point where we only last a few minutes in bed after I feed him because he is on the go! Take a look at those chompers!

This is a picture if his first haircut! I know I look angry and like I’m hurting him, but I’m very intense when I focus on something! I must say, his haircut came out great!

The house is quiet, Baby is tucked, our banana nut bread candle is wafting through the living room, and it’s time for ice cream and Homeland with my honey. Life is good. Happy Saturday night!

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  1. I love the update.
    Yes, toddlers can keep your hands full, but so pleased that you realise that time with hubby are the special moments too

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