It’s Go Time!

So, I took my lovely 39 week picture today. I’m not technically 39 weeks until Monday, so I wasn’t planning on posting it yet. Buuuuuut, mother nature had a different plan! My water broke at 4:30 this afternoon. It was crazy! I worked all day, feeling no different! Then, this afternoon, Stew came home from work, and we did some things to get the nursery finalized. We took down the chalkboard (sad), moved Turner’s changing table into its rightful position, hung up the shelf over his changing table, and arranged all of his goodies for all the poopy diapers to come!

Then, we took our wreaths and window candles out of the attic and got those all put up in the windows. His boss called during the decorating madness and laughed at us because it’s not even Thanksgiving yet! Stew’s response was, “well we don’t know how much time we have left”. Little did we know, we had about 30 minutes left!!!

So, needless to say, the birthing waves (prettier word than contractions) are coming and going, and I’m just taking it easy until we go to the birth center (probably in the middle of the night). Stew is making some chicken and dumplings for supper, and I’m ready to sit on the couch by the fire and enjoy our last night together! It’s hard to believe that it’s all coming to an end! I really enjoyed my pregnancy, but I think I’ll love having our little Turner even more! Just for kicks, I’ll post my 39 week picture even though I didn’t quite get there! Stay tuned for more to come!

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