I’m a Big Kid Now

Turner is becoming such a big boy!! I keep thinking that he’s this little baby that can’t do anything yet. But, in actuality, he’s sitting up, almost crawling, and eating! sitting
We went to the dr for his 6 month check up the other day. I love going there and hearing that he’s so healthy. It’s like music to my ears!carseat

They took his measurements and he’s in the 94th percentile for height!!! I don’t know where he came from, because Stew and I are both short! His weight percentile went down since his 4 month check up (hard to believe), so our ped was like, “you can feed him more if he wants more” and I was like REALLY?! I was so excited! I’ve been waiting for this moment forever! My mom got me Start Fresh by Tyler Florence. It has such great baby food ideas! I can start making fun concoctions just in time for the yummy summer produce that’s in season! I will start sharing my baby food recipes too! Stay tuned!

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  1. He is growing so fast.
    He has grown since we last saw him only a few weeks ago. What a beautiful boy. He is like a real person and such a special addition to the family. Can’t wait to see him. Just love him so much.

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