Hurricane Matthew and NJ Visit

It’s amazing how things fall into place isn’t it? We had a trip to NJ planned to see my dad who we haven’t seen in two years! Before we left we saw this monster hurricane below Haiti. But in our line of work we need to be aware of potential storms heading our way! So we had our plan to board up the rental homes in place before we left. And it’s a good thing we did, because it came right for us! I’m still waiting to hear the status but last I checked it wasn’t as devastating as the weather channel was saying.

Although I was constantly checking my phone for weather updates and experiencing a low level of anxiety at all times, we’ve enjoyed our time here! We stayed with my dad and hit all of our favorite spots! The most exciting being our day trip to Princeton. This is something my dad and I have been doing since I was a kid. Each time we go, there’s a new life event to talk about (moving, college, marriage, babies, etc) and our group continues to grow!

We were all pooped at the end of the day!

While in NJ, we went to our favorite restaurants, saw great friends, and spent time with our families. It was wonderful from start to finish! Turner and my dad were BFFs. They are quite a pair!

So here we are, safe and sound from Hurricane Matthew. We’re just waiting until the roads are clear until we start our 12 hour journey home!

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