Homemade Belly Butter for Stretch Marks!

I know I’ve been posting like mad lately, but my lovely friend Allison sent me this link, and I had to share! She too is on this transformational journey! This is apparently the ultimate stretch mark preventer according to Molly Sims, and you know what, I’ll believe her! She suggests you put this on BEFORE there’s a bun in the oven. But I say, better late than never! So ladies, get your pots and pans ready! You’ve got some body butter to boil!
Breggy’s Belly Butter

1 jar of organic coconut oil 
1 container of organic cocoa butter 
1 container of organic Shea butter 
1 small bottle of 400 IU of Vitamin E  

Place all ingredients except for the Vitamin E in a pot of boiling water in their separate containers, letting them melt (the cocoa butter will take the longest). After everything is melted, pour into a large bowl and mix together with the Vitamin E. Put the mixture in a glass container and store in the refrigerator or another cool place.

To Apply:
Pregnancy is such a miraculous time, but many women don’t take the time to connect with their bodies and babies these days, and before they know it they missed out on this whole special time. You can use the time you take to rub your belly butter on yourself to stop and connect with your growing baby. When applying, simply close your eyes, place your hands on your belly and begin to rub the belly butter all around while feeling your belly and your baby inside. You can talk to your baby or just simply send them loving feelings. It has been proven that babies in the womb sense and feel everything; your voice carries energy as well as your thoughts. Use the butter sparingly on belly, breasts, hips and buttocks.



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