Happy Easter!

Easter has to be my favorite holiday. We started the day off with Turner opening his Easter Basket in our bed. His favorite show on earth is Peter Rabbit. It’s all he watches. He watches an episode every morning. So finding things he would like for Easter was easy!

After opening his basket, we had breakfast and went to church. It was an amazing service that really reminded me how this holiday is so different than every other one. I can’t wait until Turner is old enough to understand that!

I spent the day baking for our big dinner at my mom’s house. I made hot cross buns to send home with everyone. They came out really good! I used this recipe. I also made buttermilk biscuits, deviled eggs, and cannoli dip. Mom had a feast of course. It was so delicious! We had a total of 14 people at her house. Turner ran around like a crazy person, soaking up every ounce of attention he got! It was such a fun and relaxing day with my family. It was even more exciting because Turner was loving every second of it! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and Easter too!

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