Gracie’s 5 Month Milestones

What a month of sickness over here! We’ve been so healthy all winter, but the month of February has hit Turner hard between strep, an ear infection, asthma, and now allergies! I finally have a minute to breathe and play catch up.

In my attempt to give Gracie as much screen time as Turner has gotten in his three years, I wanted to write a post of her milestones now that she’s 5 months! I always go back and look at how diligently I kept records of Turner. Now, even as I sit to write this, I struggle to remember when Gracie did what! So here we go…

Age: 5 months
Weight: 12+ lbs at her 4 month visit (6th percentile)
Favorite Food: We haven’t started any cereal or solids. Just Momma’s Milk and the occasional formula mixed with breast milk when I need to bottle feed. THIS is the kind I use. In her bottle I mix 2 oz breastmilk with 2 oz water and a scoop of formula.
Movement: Rolling both ways.
Favorite Toy: Her bouncer, and play gym
Favorite Music: Mommy and Turner singing
Milestones (give or take a week): At 5 weeks she was smiling and sleeping through the night. Around 10 weeks she started batting at toys and drooling. Between 16-20 weeks she rolled from back to tummy and then tummy to back. She also started laughing and “talking”. Here’s a glimpse of her chatting it up before bath time.

Untitled from Emily on Vimeo.


Gracie at 5 Weeks

Gracie at 9 Weeks

Gracie at 14 Weeks

Gracie at 20 Weeks

Gracie at 23 Weeks

Now at least I have something to look back on since she’s growing like a weed! Time is truly flying. Have a fantastic week!

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  1. Gracie’s hair gives me life! She is so beautiful! I’m so glad that your family is getting on the other side of the February sickness train!

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