Gracie Gets Tubes

Gracie has had two ear infections and has had fluid in her ear for over a month. During our last visit to the pediatrician, he gave us a referral to see the ENT to check her ears for tubes. I didn’t deal with this with Turner, so this was new to me! But I knew I didn’t want her to be in pain, and I definitely didn’t want to keep putting her on antibiotics. So, we went!

They checked her ears for fluid and checked her hearing. She still had fluid and, because of that, was experiencing hearing loss in her left ear. I almost cried! My baby!! After hearing that news, the doctor came in and discussed tubes. I was totally freaked out by this. Of course, he had to tell me the risks involved in the surgery, and all I could picture was my sweet little baby on an operating table passed out from anesthesia! I choked back the tears as I signed the paperwork and set up her appointment.

I talked to my friends who have gotten tubes for their kids and they all agreed that it was a good decision. They said it would be super quick and she would bounce back quickly. I even spoke to my pediatrician who also said it was a good idea so I wouldn’t be constantly questioning her discomfort!

This morning was the big day! We woke up at 6am, changed Gracie’s diaper and hit the road. She had to be there by 6:45 for a 7am procedure. I was nervous about “nothing to eat or drink” because she wakes up HANGRY, but she was completely happy! I was also nervous about the nurse taking her away because Gracie is definitely not into strangers these days! But, again, she did great. 

We sat in the waiting room for maybe 10 minutes and they came to get us! It was SO quick. The hardest part was her waking up from the anesthesia because she was hysterical and out of sorts and nothing could comfort her. We tried to give her a bottle and she kept throwing it on the floor. She just needed time to snap out of it! Eventually she took her bottle and started to calm down.

She fell asleep in the car on the way home and by that time she was back to normal, thank God! She pounded a few meatballs and was back to her smiley self!

I’m so glad we did it and relieved it’s over! I tried not to have anxiety about it, but it’s hard to give someone else control over your baby like that. It also made me realize that parents who go through far harder things with their kids have a strength like no other! I believe with all my heart that God gives us the strength we need to handle whatever comes our way!



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  1. I am so sorry that Gracie has not been feeling well, and on top of that had to have tubes put in. I’m so glad that she did well and is back home. You are such a wonderful and strong mother.

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