Gracie at 7 Months

I was planning on doing a 6 month post after Gracie’s doctor visit, but here we are a month later and I’m just getting around to it! I love looking back on Turner’s milestones as a baby and I know I’ll love to have Gracie’s too! Better late than never, right?

Age: 7 months
Weight: 14 lbs at her 6 month visit (10th percentile)
Height: I can’t remember! Second child problems. I do remember it was 40th percentile though! 
Teeth: Two bottom teeth
Favorite Food: Sweet potato, apple, and avocado puree.
Movement: She gets up on all fours and starts rocking. She’s getting close!
Favorite Activities: She loves sitting in her pack n’ play with her toys. She also loves watching Ellie (the dog). She adores playing with Turner.
Favorite Toy: She likes things that make noise and that she can chew! She especially loves toys that Turner shares with her…cars, trucks, backhoes, etc. She doesn’t discriminate.
Sleep Schedule: Sleeps from 7:00pm to 6am (with a dream feed bottle at 10).
Favorite Music: Mommy and Turner singing

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