Yesterday was Stew’s 4th chemo treatment. Eight more to go! I’m amazed at how positive and strong he is. I feel like I would be a big cry baby if I was in his shoes.

Being thrown into this cancer world has been frightening and inspiring at the same time. We’re surrounded by people who are in such different positions, but at the root, they all have the same struggles and fears.

Yesterday, a woman named Elizabeth, came into our room to talk to us. She just finished her 12th treatment. She came in to ask us about our laptop. She’s been thinking about getting a Mac laptop. Her daughter has been telling her she needs to invest in one. We agreed. After a few minutes of computer talk, we addressed the elephant in the room…what are you in here for? She had stage 3 colon cancer (hopefully gone after her 12th treatment!). She asked if she could pray for us. We said sure! I thought this just meant she’d add us to her prayers, but she started praying right then and there…fearless.

When we finished up Stew’s treatment, we sat in the waiting room so I could talk to one of the nurses. A young woman, probably our age, came in with her boyfriend. Her head fuzzy from hair starting to grow back. I recognized her from Starbucks a few weeks ago. I had wanted to talk to her in Starbucks, but didn’t. Her bald head gave her away. What would I say? “My husband has cancer too!!”¬†She strutted her stuff like she just got her hair styled like that purposely. She was so bubbly and had the biggest smile on her face. I was in awe! She was back in the waiting room yesterday, smiling as big as ever, for round 2. It came back…fearless.

Through this journey, we have relied on the amazing blessings in our lives to keep us lifted. The main one being Turner. He constantly reaffirms the truth that everything is ok! He is strong and brave. He doesn’t let anything hold him back. He is at the stage where he will stand up on anything he can get his little hands on and cruise…fearless.

God put Turner in our lives at the perfect time! He makes US fearless. He has a way of teaching us, daily, not to take life too seriously! Lesson learned.

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