Easter 2014

This had to be the best Easter yet! We recently found a new church right down the street from our house which we have fallen in love with! We started our morning with breakfast and then headed to the early service. We were walking in the parking lot, when this adorable pregnant woman asked if we wanted our picture taken! Why, YES, considering all of our pictures are of Turner by himself or one of us holding him, but never all three!

Once we got inside, we dropped Turner off at the nursery (which I’m obsessed with) and headed into our service, coffee in tow.

Now, I’m always moved by Easter and what it represents, but this service in particular smacked me right upside the head with the reality of Easter! The music touched me so deeply, and the sermon was even better! I wish every day started like that!

After church, we went home for lunch and Turner’s nap, and then we headed to my mom and step-dad’s house for an early supper. The celebration was nothing short of magnificent. My mom had been cooking all day and made such a feast!

I helped her get some last minute things done before the rest of the family showed up, while Turner did some rearranging. He took all of “Gigi’s” rolling pins out of their bucket and then put them back in, one-by-one. This occupied him for quite a while!

We even had time for another family photo!

After a very indulgent meal, we had cake and then opened our baskets! Turner had so much fun opening his basket! Last year, he was still a little baby, so we opened his for him while he stared off into space. This time, he pulled each gift out and played with it for a few seconds before moving onto the next. It was so cute seeing him make the connection to what each thing was!

What an amazing reminder of the important things in life. I don’t know if it was the whole “beating cancer” thing, or experiencing love in a totally new way with Turner. But my heart has softened this past year. I am overflowing with faith, gratitude, and love! I am beyond excited to share our lives with you! Happy Easter, friends!

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