Countdown To Thanksgiving

We started hosting Thanksgiving in 2011. We LOVE entertaining. We go all out. Just ask the people in our Supper Club! Last Thanksgiving, I was planning on hosting, but Turner decided to show up almost two weeks early! He was only 5 days old last Thanksgiving. So we went to my mom’s instead. My, how life has changed in a year!

This year, we’re back in action! Here is my game plan! Having a timeline makes it completely stress-free! I just do a little bit each day.

I do a lot in advance. That way, all I do Thanksgiving morning is bake the turkey! We always have different veggies each year, but we have the staples too! We ALWAYS start with Nanny’s Italian Wedding Soup. Sorry, I’d share that recipe, but you know how that ends…

I use something similar to this recipe for the Turkey. I make a few changes and sort of do a combination of recipes. But that’s the basic idea! I make the herb butter in advance and just take it out the night before so it’s nice and spreadable by Thanksgiving morning. I use this Food Network Digital Thermometer for the turkey too. This is a MUST! It ensures that the turkey isn’t overcooked and dry! And, if you order it withAmazon Prime , it will be here in time for the big day!

I also make buttermilk biscuits (minus the cheese), cranberry relish, Harvest Pie (I use store bought dough and omit the nuts), and cornbread pudding. Considering we will have 19 people, I’m also having everyone bring a dish too! We’ll have a sweet potato dish, broccoli rabe, mashed potatoes, green beans, and few others!

Today is cleaning, laundry, set the table, and decorate the house day. Typically, we decorate the weekend after Thanksgiving. BUT, in my defense, Thanksgiving is a week later this year!! That means we would have less time to enjoy the Christmas decorations! So pump up the Nat King Cole, and let the fun begin!! Happy Thanksgiving prep week!!

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  1. After babysitting for the girls yesterday I made a cheesecake, brownies, and a sweet potato casserole. Then off to bed. Looking forward to a festive day today! Enjoy yours!
    Love you!

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