Colors and Shapes Learning Board

My friend, Angela, made a board to help her son learn his colors. He and Turner just happen to be best friends! So, I asked her how she made it and made one of my own! Turner is a huge fan. I almost hate to admit that he already learned his shapes by playing a shapes game on my I-pad, so I can’t take credit for that. But I will teach him the colors! I’ll make a list of materials and steps I used to create it.

*Foam board
*Card stock cutouts of 5 shapes (circle, rectangle, square, triangle, heart)
*12 velcro squares (comes with a front and back so there are actually 24 pieces)
*6 colored markers (green, yellow, orange, blue, purple, red)
*Felt sheets in those same six colors

1. Use card-stock cutouts to trace 4 of the shapes in a vertical line 6 rows wide.
2. Color each row in one of the 6 colors.
3. Create felt shapes by tracing the card-stock shapes and matching them to the shapes on your board.
4. Put a square of velcro on the back of each felt shape and its matching velcro square on the shapes on the foam board.
5. And there you have a colors and shapes learning board!

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