Breakfast Burrito

Wow…this is delicious. The best part about having a food blog is that I get to eat the creations after I finish shooting them! I’m always looking for more exciting breakfast ideas. Usually, I’ll just have a bowl of cereal with some fruit, because it’s quick! But, when I have a few extra minutes, I like to make a wholesome breakfast. This wrap is bursting with flavor. It has the salty prosciutto, the tangy goat cheese, and the sweet and spicy pepper relish. The textures are amazing too! There’s a little crunch from the prosciutto mixed with the creaminess of the goat cheese and avocado. It truly is mouthwatering!

Breakfast Burrito
Makes 1 Sandwich

1 spinach wrap
1 slice prosciutto
1 Tbsp pepper relish
1 Tbsp goat cheese
1/2 avocado, sliced
1 egg, beaten
1/8 tsp salt
1/8 tsp pepper
1/4 cup spinach

Heat nonstick skillet to medium heat. Cook the prosciutto on both sides until crisp (just like bacon). Meanwhile, spread the pepper relish and goat cheese onto the center of your wrap. Place the avocado down the center of the wrap. Once, the prosciutto is crisp, place on top of the goat cheese.
In a separate bowl, beat the egg with the salt and pepper. Stir in the spinach. In the same skillet, cook the egg on both sides until no longer runny. Place the egg on the center of the wrap.
Fold the top and bottom of the wrap over the eggs, and start rolling from the long end until you have a burrito.

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  1. I just made this and it is miraculous! The sweetness of the pepper relish, saltiness of the prosciutto, tanginess of the goat cheese, all melt into one super delicious bite. This is greatness.

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