Best Halloween Ever!

I was definitely excited for Halloween, but this was above and beyond what I expected! The past few Halloweens, we’ve had friends over to sit on the porch, eat, drink wine, and hand out candy. The past 2 years, since Turner’s been around, my mom and step-dad have been the ones hanging out on the porch handing out candy with us, which is always special!

Turner dressed up as a hobo this year, which was hilarious. We started our day, as usual, at the gym. Everyone who saw him loved his outfit! I must say, he sure was a cute hobo.

The rest of our day was pretty normal. He napped while I worked. Then he played while I got dinner ready. I always do soup on Halloween. One of our many traditions. I usually make chili, but this year I did beef bourguignon instead. Yum!

Around 5, I re-applied Turner’s beard and got him dressed back up. Then, we played around in the back yard until Stew was done working.

Once Stew was home, we walked around in the street with Turner’s wagon and waited for Gigi and Paw-Paw to arrive.

We took some photos and chatted with neighbors for a bit. I didn’t want to start trick-or-treating too early!

I invited my girlfriend, Angela, and her husband and son over to trick-or-treat. Turner and her little boy, Duncan, love to play together! I knew it would be fun to have them along. I’m so glad they came! Although, trying to get them to pose for a picture was like pulling teeth!

They had no idea what was going on. At one point, Turner tried to walk into someone’s house. And they were definitely not interested in the candy, which was fine by me.

After Turner had reached sensory overload, we headed home and put him to bed. Angela and her family went home too.

Then, we parked it on the porch with Mom and Michael, popped a bottle of wine, and ate our dinner while we handed out candy. Sitting on the porch, handing out candy, has become one of my favorite traditions each year! We always have someone with us which makes it an event in itself. Mix in some crazy kids in their clever costumes, and it’s quite an experience!

This has been the best Halloween yet! It was extra special to share it with friends and family! Happy Halloween, friends!!

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