Beach Baby

The weather finally cooperated this weekend, and we were able to go to the beach. I had to work for a bit on Saturday morning, but in the afternoon it was BEACH ON! We packed up our beach caddy, pop up tent, PLENTY of wipes (learned that the hard way), and Baby and hit the road! I LOVE living 5 minutes away from the beach. We are so lucky!
Stew and Turner sat in the tent, while Mommy sunbathed for a bit. It was so relaxing! 5
It’s been a WHILE since I’ve been able to sit out in the sun. Last year, while I was pregnant, I was so hot all the time! I could barely step foot outside! This year, I’m excited to soak up the sun and heat again!

We had so much fun playing with Turner and his toys! Turner was having a blast scooting around in the tent and finding the sandy spots!4
After playing for a bit, we took a walk to the ocean to feel the water. It actually wasn’t too cold! I dipped Turner’s feet in the water. He wasn’t sure what to think. I have a feeling he’ll be a beach bum before we know it!
We had such a great time at the beach. Turner’s such a good sport. We cart him everywhere. He’s just happy to be hanging out with us! We’ll take it while we can get it 😮

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