Bath Time

I absolutely love bath time. It’s got to be my favorite part of the day. No matter what kind of day we’ve had, Turner always looks forward to his bath.
Once he started sitting up, we would sit him in his baby bathtub with his butt behind the hump. That worked well for a while, because he was still supported. He was starting to get a little uncomfortable, so we just recently starting sitting him in the big tub with just a few inches of water. He loves it even more. He loves to splash around and play with his toys. I took some pictures to capture his cuteness!

Hope you enjoyed sharing in our bath time fun!

2 Replies to “Bath Time”

  1. Oh , Emily, Turner is growing so very fats, he is so adorable. Thanks for these posts. Helps those far away who cannot have their hugs to at least imagine how they would be…..

    I trust that your leg healed OK…( Band Aid on leg!)

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