Balancing Act

The peak season of our rental business is about to hit, so we are going to get very busy all at once! Since I work from home, it’s not a regular 9 to 5 job. It’s not like I can come home at the end of the day and leave work behind. Instead, I fall into the bad habit of checking my email, answering the phone, and texting at all hours of the day. I’m such a multi-tasker that I find that I’m not fully present wherever I am. I used to be way worse, but I’ve started to set some healthy boundaries! I have set hours that I work in my office, answer calls, return calls, etc. That way I’m there while I’m working and there while I’m with my gang (at least in theory)!

This past week, we had some really fun quality time with the kids! The weather was beautiful so I tried to get some much needed outdoor time! Turner loves to eat on the porch, so we try to have lunch and snacks outside as much as possible! We even busted out the watermelon for the first time this year using our nifty Mesh Food Feeder! It’s officially summer over here :o)

We even hit the beach a few times during the week! The first afternoon, I was feeling adventurous and attempted to pack up our supper and have a picnic. Nightmare. In my mind it turned out very differently! You know that time after nap and before bedtime? Everyone starts melting down right around the same time. Add some wind and sand to the mix and you have yourself a regular ol’ circus. The rest of our beach trips were way better. We went prepared with plenty of toys and towels.

These days are such a balancing act. I feel like I’m balancing work, moving, being a wife, being a mom, and making sure I have special time with Turner and Gracie separately! No one ever said parenting was easy, but it sure is rewarding! I hope you have a great week!

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