Back to Normal…Almost

Ever since Stew was diagnosed with Hodgkins lymphoma, life has been non-stop! I feel like we’ve spent the past three weeks in and out of hospitals, cancer centers, and doctor’s offices! He started chemo last week, so hopefully our schedule will get back to normal, with the exception of his chemo treatment every other week! I’m thrilled to say he’s doing great!

In happier news, IT’S FALL!!! I’ve been anxiously awaiting the change of season. I love summer, but about this time of year, I’m jonesing for a good cup of apple cider and a porch full of mums!
We brought the fall decorations down from the attic and officially decorated the house yesterday! We even started working on Turner’s Halloween costume!!! I can’t tell you yet, but I CAN say he will be STINKIN CUTE!

Turner seems to be growing before our eyes. It’s hard to believe he’s 10 months old already! He seems to learn something new everyday! In the past week he’s learned to clap when we say “YAAAAY!” and he will wave when we say, “HELLO!” and he does “How big is Turner? SO BIG!”

He’s even been working on his football skills!

He just gets more fun by the day. He’s a silly happy boy and is truly the light of our lives!!

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  1. I look forward to these blogs so much. Just to know you guys are doing ok. Just ale one day at a time. It’s like your doing just that and enjoying preparing for the fall. We have to get our mums soon. Love those orange colors outside. You’re better than I am haven’t even starting to decorate for the fall. Love looking at Turners adorable face he makes us smile just looking at him.and we can’t believe how fast he is growing. We are here for you and pray that you will feel the love we have for you guys. You are so special to us. Love & prayers

  2. He certainly is! That face can make anyone happy! Thank you for sharing. You are a brave, strong wife and Mom. Hugs to you all!

    Love, Mom

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