Baby Showers

I was lucky enough to have two baby showers! My first shower was here in Charleston at the end of September with my friends and family of the south! My mom organized a perfect shower with the help of my amazing friends Annie, Missy, and Jess. It was filled with fun, food, games, and gifts!! It was so cool to have friends from all different parts of my life together for one celebration! I have some pictures that captured the day. 

Three generations! Me, Mom, and Nanny.

My amazing friends!

Shower Number 2!

Stew and I were planning our trip to NJ for his brother, Luke’s, wedding. I knew I’d be VERY pregnant by then (34 weeks), but needed to see Luke and Suzy get married! I knew it would be worth a 24 hr roundtrip drive! I was talking to Stew’s mom and we decided, since I was coming up, why not have a baby shower for me! I was totally on board. That way we’d be able to spend more time there so it wouldn’t be a quick back and forth trip. So we went up Oct. 16th, had my shower the next day, and then enjoyed the wedding festivities over the weekend! It was a great week. I think we packed as much into that trip as humanly possible!

My mother in law went all out for my shower! My friends Amanda and Marion were a huge help too! There were at least 30 people at her house! She had it catered with DELICIOUS food. It was another successful shower. Here are some pictures that captured shower number 2!

My wonderful mother in law!

Holy presents!!! It was fun packing this up into our car and driving back to Charleston!

Me and my beautiful sister in law, Suzy!

My lovely cousins Michelle and ChristinaMy cousin’s daughter, Mikaela. She was the flower girl at my wedding and has graduated to the most amazing baby shower helper ever!!

The next two photos are of my best friends! First picture is Amanda and Marion…Did you notice we’re ALL pregnant?! Just WEEKS apart ;o) And the second picture is of me and my other awesome friend Sandi! These girls are amazing and I miss them so much! 

My showers were so wonderful. I truly am blessed to have so many people in my life who love me, Stew, AND Turner! It’s hard to believe that he could be here any day! It’s what we’ve been waiting for! Now that we’re home and the festivities are over, we’ve had time to really buckle down and get ready for his arrival. We couldn’t be more excited to welcome him home!

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  1. Great photos, We’re just counting the days. Can’t believe the time is almost here for us to meet Turner.
    Our love and prayers are with you.

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